Angry Birds Facebook Mighty Eagle Total Destruction
  • Has anyone been able to get TD on any of the S&T levels (without powerups, of course). If so, how many tries did it take? Seems like you need to destroy absolutely everything (at least on the levels I tried), and it is nearly (absolutely?) impossible for me to get TD with one ME. I tired one on each of 8 different levels, so no TD and no more MEs.
  • AB Facebook is different from other AB versions. Once all pigs are killed, you can still use all your birds left.
  • @Chriss you can on other editions as well, but you have to be quicker on those! It is definitely easier to fling them after the pigs have died on ABF! :)
  • Hi! I am new with angry birds, can anyone explain to me how the eagle thing works? where do you get it? does it allow you to get a higher score? Thanks !!!
  • The mighty eagle is a $0.99 in-app payment for ios and chrome and for facebook it depends on how many uses you're buying. It cannot increase your score.
  • I got the TD on level 2 of Surf and Turf. It was difficult. You do have to destroy literally everything, and I do mean everything as in leaving literally nothing on the screen. I left a pair of sunglasses, and a very small block of ice that was partly cracked, and still left me with 97 percent. But after 6 tries, I got it all. Haven't tried any of the others.
  • One more little slice of heaven to add to that. Why do they only give you 8 mighty eagle uses? It is an achievement, and a challenge to get the TD on all levels, and it's not like it helps your score. Only 8 eagle opportunities? That's ridiculous. Do you at least get them back the next day, or the next login, or something?
  • @superryn As stated Mighty Eagle (ME) does not increase your score, but if you manage total destruction using it, you get an eagle feather. There are a lot of ME videos under walkthroughs (none for Facebook though), so you can get a good idea. You should eventually get some free ones if you start the game every day. So far, I've only gotten them (8) as part of the Valentine's day gift, and I'm still resolutely refusing to pay.
    @Bill -- Interesting -- You seem to have mastered big and fast, while I have problems using either (doubtlessly my problem).
  • @Bill I'm going to remove your post from here. It's not relevant in this thread.
  • SaT 9 is relatively very simple. Simply launch the cans of sardines downwards so that it lands a bit far from the tree of watermelons. This should leave only 3 or 4 stones but you will get TD.
    SaT 10 is a bit harder. Use WB in high arc so that it clears away the second pig from the left and the frail WB should knockout the the tower in such a way that you force the stones to hit the TNT this should clear the right side a bit. Use WB until you're satisfied enough that there is less debris. I personally did it with one bird.

    @Laurence: PC user here so very less experience with this bird but clear this strats up a bit for me if you want to :)
  • Somewhat off-topic, but... I may be the last to realize that there seems to be a nearly infinite number of AB photos on the AB facebook page, accessible by clicking on the film cans(?) at the top of the page, might be different photos in different cans, even though most of them look empty.
  • I'm like you Laurence, I won't be paying for them either. I received 5 gift eagles 2 days running. Did this happen to anyone else or is the daily gift just random & was I just lucky?
  • Gifts are random.
  • @Chicadee -- You were very lucky; the only MEs I've gotten were part of the Valentine's gift; nothing since : (
  • @Chicadee You were VERY lucky to get that! I think I've only had 2 lots of 5 accross two accounts over the whole duration of the game!

    @mvnla2 You got any FB friends who can send gifts?
  • It appears that my facebook friends, even the ones who play AB (and got me addicted) are not playing ABF. : ( Haven't tried high-pressure arm-twisting yet.
  • One part of the site is telling me there's new messages here, and yet there isn't. Were there posts deleted?
  • Finally got 5 MEs today! I got some as part of the Valentine's gift on 2/13, followed by 11 days with no ME. It's going to be difficult to make the most of them.
    Also did some power arm-twisting on my SO (who hates AB): SO got one (1) ME as mystery gift from me; I got 1 king sling. Unless the numbers increase with more gifts sent, this doesn't appear to be a quick way to get MEs. It does appear that you are limited to one gift per day to each of your friends.
  • @Laurence Thanks! Now that I have some MEs, hopefully can get some feathers. On S&T 1, 1st bird pretty much the same, but it is likely to take out everything, so you really have to be ready to click the SC. The SC landed between the wood structure and the stone pillar, but still got TD.
  • S&T - 14 TD:
    WB low, drop egg on slanting wood top left (this is capable of being a 1 birder, probably better for TD if not)
    YB detonate TNT on top of rock
    WB clean up debris on top of rock (by this time part of lower structure on right should be gone)
    YB detonate TNT lower right
    SC to lower right close to rock
    FYI -- Decided to do them sort of backward, but leaving 15 for later.
  • S&T 13 TD -- Took 2 MEs to get this, which is painful, given how few I have : (
    1st bird as in video for 3*
    2nd more like Sal -- So you break some of the glass and sand stuff below. This should take out all pigs
    SC high and land on sand between center rock structure and where TNT was, but closer to center rocks
  • Spent my last ME on 12 with no feather, so it's back to waiting.
  • S&T 10 TD Took 3 MEs, and I was sure it wasn't going to be TD -- Stuff left on the far left and far right. Used all 4 WBs. 1st medium low to drop egg close to the left of the rock wall; this should also do a fair amount of damage to the structure on top of the wall, and maybe even detonate the TNT. 2nd to clear path to sand to immediate left of wall, where first egg dropped. 3 rd to clean up debris on top of wall; 4th to clean up right side (didn't completely). SC to sand next to rock wall.
    Does anyone else think ME in ABF behaves somewhat different than in the other AB series? Seems to me to do less destruction.'
    BTW -- Bribery seems to work better than arm-twisting. I am using my SO's MEs on SO's facebook account! Still not enough to complete TD on S&T.
  • S&T 11 Got it with 1st ME. Blue birds low to destroy as much of lower left as possible. 1st WB low to bomb same location. This will hit main structure, collapsing most of it and killing all pigs.
    SC high arc to land on lowest stone shelf. Never could figure out how to use more than 2 birds, but you don't need to. In the process "SO" beat me.
  • Used SO's last 2 MEs on 7 and 12 with no luck. Didn't notice earlier that there already was a TD strat for 10.
    So right now, we are missing
    and it's back to waiting for me.
    Anyone else have these?
  • @mvnla2, I'll work on those now, I have two accounts that I use, both got 5MEs today! :D Means I have a few I can spend. 7 I believe to be a SG-16 one unfortunately! :(
  • Nice work guys. We may go ahead and create posts bases on these text walkthroughs. I wish there was a way I could gift you guys ME's.
  • Well, doesn't everyone hate Windows Vista.
  • Alrighty... All except 4, 7 & 15.
  • I know I'm impatient, but where are videos going to be posted?
  • I'm editing those 12 right now. I'm gonna give the other 3 a few tries later tonight. If no luck, I'll post what I have.
  • SaT 7 is according to me very much hard, but I got TD on this.

    Methode: First break the stone barrier in such a way that all the stones get broken or land in the first hollow space. Then use Black to destroy the 2 vertical stones and bomb so that the tower lands on the left side. Use another Black to destroy anything that is on the RIGHT side so that nothing remains there. Then use ME next to the platform(the left slope) where the pile of stones was standing. This should give you TD.

    Update: SaT 4 also found now. So here's my detailed screenshot.

    @AMslimfordy: Please make this post a bit better, I know its a bit messed up maybe? :)
  • There are new levels on Facebook for SaT! Now we've ME waiting to kill those Pigs on new levels.
    The new levels seems a bit tough though, well "The Only Easy Day Was Yesterday"
    @AMslimfordy: The new levels of SaT remind me of this?
  • How do you get a TD in level? Do you have to use a Mighty Eagle? D:
  • @SamTheTiny Yes, you have to use the Mighty Eagle to get 100% TD in a level
  • OK, all of levels 1-1 to 1-15 now have videos, so I guess it's on to world 2! I splashed out and bought myself 1000 eagles, and downloaded a screen recording software, so I guess I'll start working on them! Any help much appreciated though - I don't know how much time I'm going to have! :)
  • Game over on facebook 480 star 160 plume
  • Do the surf and turf feathers count toward the 200 feathers achievement on the iPhone version? I've got 203, but I didn't get the achievement on GC. Without the surf and turf feathers I only have 190.
  • They should count.
    GC can be sluggish sometimes and award the achievement later on.
    Give time.
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