'Ham' Solo shoots from his back?
  • Im New to this forum so hope you guys can help me, ive only just started play ABSW and have got to level 19. Am i correct in thinking ham solo shoots 3 lasers forward? as it showed in the intros, but mine shoots from behind/backwards? and not forwards!! so is completely pointless as 19 requires them to hit the wall and rebound up to the pigs!? is there a way to switch it ive missed or is this a bug?
  • Hi Normio, welcome to the Nest. I don't know what platform you play on, but you have to tap/click on the spot where you want his lazer shots to go. So in the example you gave, you tap the screen or click with your mouse on the spot on the wall where the lazers should rebound from. Hope this helps.
  • OMG your a life saver thanks!!! xxx
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