Sign In Under ONE Name, But......
  • I think this is a General problem, but I'm not sure.

    When I first got here, the name 'Gracie' in all of it's beauty and glory was already taken. Ahem. Enough about her. So I had to sign in under something else. Which I did. Gracieandmybirthdate. But when I comment and when others refer to me it just says 'Gracie'. There is a place under my Notifications where I can ask to be Notified when makes a comment or refers to Gracieandmybirthdate which nobody ever does. I've tried to change that to just Gracie, but it won't let me because that's how I have to sign in.

    Short of having to log off and sign in under a brand new name that isn't as glorious, does anyone know how I can keep the name and be notified when somebody uses it?
    Frankly, I'm perplexed because even when I make a comment the site doesn't put Gracieandmybirthdate, it just says Gracie. The site does that, not me. So why can't I be notified when somebody says "Yo Gracie."

    One other thing: This site keeps telling me it saved a Draft at whatever time. I've gone looking for that several times and although I know about the mailbox and have used that, I have never found any of these Drafts. Would someone like to enlighten me? Where do they hide all these Draft messages?
  • Wow!! Talk about coincidence. Okay, to explain: I was looking at Today's Challenge and there's a place there you can click called F.A.Q. Well, I thought that was F.A.Q. for Today's Challenge and clicked there. Turns out it's F.A.Q. for all of ABN!!! There is info there that covers all kinds of stuff including Mighty Eagle. NO I'm not a member of the staff here at ABN, but I would be remiss if I didn't say if you haven't read the F.A.Q., you might want to do that before you post what could then be ridiculously redundant questions! Good reading over there.
  • Gracie, you're far braver than me, I kept most, but not all, of my stupid questions until I explored the site a little ;-)
  • I believe in "Go forth and conquer" which is a darn good philosophy but I've gotten my hiney kicked on more than one occasion for it. So now I pretty much aim to conquer but I "go forth and baffle with brilliance" a lot too.
  • I'd say don't worry too much about the forum. We are working on a new one ;)
  • Why are you working on a new one? I'm sure there must be reason, but I haven't seen anything wrong with it. It seems fine on my end. I just wish it would kick me in the shins when somebody posts a reply to something I've asked.
  • This forum (called "Vanilla") is very separated from the main site. It does not allow for @mentions for users with spaces or punctuation in their names. Usernames don't match the main site. And the list goes on.

    The new one will be much better ;)
  • Wow! I'll take your word for it and look forward to seeing it then. Thanks for the heads up!
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