Angry Birds Achievements Not Showing Up
  • Hello,

    I want to say something's weird with my GC/Angry Birds ... I completed Worlds 1-4, but the achievements are not showing up. :( I've completed other worlds and those achievements are showing up. Any thoughts on how to get it fixed?


  • do you use GC?
  • where you signed into GC when you defeated it?
  • i don't remember, but probably not :/
  • perhaps a bug
  • Connect to internet; open and complete a level you are sure you can complete. Good Luck!
  • @AMslimfordy :
    I have confirmed an iOS GC issue with the Feather achievements in ABO.

    I had 102 feathers but no Feather Collector achievement. 99 of them were in the first 7 episodes, the last 3 in Surf and Turf.

    So I went back to The Big Setup to finish the last 5 feathers there.

    As soon as I got the first of those, Feather Collector showed up. :)
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