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  • I’m trying to transfer my scores etc for all four Angry Birds versions from my HTC Sensation running on Android Ice Cream Sandwich 4.0.3 to my new Nexus 7 running on stock Android Jelly Bean 4.1.1

    In the past I’ve used Angry Birds Backup from Sergio Patricio, but this app states that the files in Android 4.1 Jeally Bean are not readable. Why the files are unreadable I do not know, but I can confirm that I am unable to transfer my Angry Birds scores to my Nexus. As far as I know, this is also an issue for the other backup apps in the Play Store. Just like Angry Birds Backup from Sergio Patricio, the added option of backing up files to your Dropbox account (or another cloud service) would be a requirement as the Nexus does not have an SD card.

    If there are no backup apps that work with Jelly Bean, perhap someone knows how to do it manually.

    Please note that rooting my devices is not an option.

    Any help would be much appreciated.
  • I second this!
  • me far is there any way out?

    I have just bought a Samsung Galaxy Note II (N7100)(Android 4.1.1). I don't want to root the device due to warranty issue. I could backup the scores data from the previous device HTC 3D Evo (Android 4.0.3)successfully using the "Angry Birds Backup" app from Google Play store and I did see the backup data saved in the SD card. But I could not restore it in Note II and I could not figure out the reason. I treasure the scores very much and keen at finishing the newly released levels of Bad Piggies and Surf & Turf. I have tried in vain to find some technical advice from the Internet. l am very frustrated if I need to start all over again..Are there any feasible suggestions in my case? Thank you in advance.
  • Any solution for this?
    Anyone successfully moved the scores to 4.1.1 Jelly Bean?
  • I too am dissapointed with Sergio, up until JB his was the best app (well I thought so anyway).

    I have backed up - but not restored or transferred to another device - using "Angry Backup for the Birds" on my Jellybean Galaxy SIII.

    I will install SW on my Nexus S to try the restore later on, but the app so far has not thrown up any errors when backing up.

    My only niggle is that it does not appear to connect to DropBox, but at least it is free.

    Link to the Play Store:


    Hmmm - might want to forget all that - I don't know. While I get the pop up message that says backup completed successfully, the log says "Backup FAILED (file size = 0)" :(
  • i found a way how to backup your AB:
    1. download airdroid on your device and open it. it will appear codes
    2. open on your pc and type codes that appeared on your device
    3. after that, go to files and click system
    4. go to data>data> com.rovio.••• > files
    5. copy/download .lua files on your pc
    if you want to restore your files, just delete the default .lua files (on files folder) and copy the backup .lua files
  • Well, i see that to access jelly bean system files requires root, the older android version not
  • I have the same problem.
    I can't restore my backups in Jelly Bean.
    Any alternative?
  • I know the original poster said that rooting is not an option for him but for anyone where rooting is an option DataSync works perfect.
  • And how you do the rooting of your cellphone?
  • I know there used to be temproot options out there that would reset once you restart your phone, would that be an option?
  • Any news about rhis subject?
  • No, even sergio patricio asking about this problem on xda
  • So. Do I upgrade to JB or not do y'all think?????
  • For functionality, yes. For AB, no (except if you root your device)
  • Well, honestly that would probably be the end of anything other than occasional Angry Birds for me.
    I don't really understand why Rovio won't step up on this. To me this should be an integral part of the app, not something left to clever guys working in their parent's basement. I'm exagerating, yes, but this issue annoys me. It really shouldn't be that difficult - you don't have to program for each individual phone like some make it sound; you just have to do it for the Android releases.
    Yes, this has always been somewhat skewed Apple but I think Rovio ignores this issue with Android at its own long-term peril.
  • I don't want anyone to void their warranty or mess up their device, but some devices are easy to root and then un-root- if you are willing to give it a go. I totally understand if you don't want to do that.
    Having said that, if you do decide to root, even temporarily, I recommend the AngryBackup apps by developer Whitney Champion. They are available for free on Google Play. I don't know if there is on for Star Wars yet, but the first 4 work flawlessly. I had to use ES file explorer and install the apks on my kindle fire twice (replacement issues) and all of my progress is intact. I know that for JB, you must be rooted.
    I have always stopped the update to JB, for many reasons, mainly because a lot of the apps that I use on my phone have compatibility issues with JB.
  • For me, Jelly Bean comes along with my new device - Samsung Note II. Upon purchase in October, I did not aware that the AB backup apps would not be working on JB platform.
    I did ask Samsung (CS in Hong Kong) if I could downgrade my Note II to Android 4.0.3...yet the answer was negative.
    I emailed Rovio in late November for any solutions re the problem, they mentioned that:
    ......"We're working really hard on our own online syncing tool to save player progress in our games. Until then our friends at Angry Birds Nest have written a comprehensive tutorial for backing up your progress on Android devices. Unfortunately this works in most cases only for rooted devices and I understand your reasons not to root the device."
    ......"Unfortunately our staff here at Contact Center cannot answer inquiries about our future releases and plans. So at the moment I cannot give you any release dates or further information about possible syncing tools. For the time being we can only advice players to use some other backup tools for game data. Sorry for this! "
  • Just to clarify - by "this" being skewed Apple I mean Angry Birds itself. As I looked this over I realized that wasn't clear.
    And its nothing like it was initially...
  • @AKHongKong - thanks for the info!
  • So I "got updated" in my sleep to Jellybean. All the AB games work thankfully, but the backup I'd been using from Rice Labs now doesn't work. Doesn't have permission.
    Except, that is, for AB Space. Which works fine backing up to either SD card or Dropbox. That is just really really odd to me.
    Jellybean itself is really cool.
  • Just got the Galaxy Note II and I am with you. Jelly Bean is cool but Angry Birds is a no go. I have already started over once and almost completed all games again with the exception of a couple of recent updates on all the games. Anything beyond 3 months old was completed on all games. I have even purchased additional Eagles/Falcons and now I have to repurchase them all again and start over with everything locked. Now, Seasons allows you to play all chapters where you start over or restore. But all the others do not. You have to start at 1-1 and you can't jump around.

    This is truly the best place I have found where the community does everything they can to help each other out. I will look into playing the HD versions of the game but it is just more money to spend on something I already purchased. Please help and if I find something, I will make sure I share it here with you as well!

  • I just managed to restore from my previous Gingerbread phone to my new JellyBean.
    You will need root access so if that's not available then you may have to wait till someone has a work around..

    I copied all the files from the old phone. As @Bird said they are in
    N.B. the ads.iap at the end will depend on which version you have

    Once you have completed a level the .lua files can be overwritten, but you sill need to change the permissions before you can overwrite them
    In a Terminal Emulator or adb shell cd to the
    directory and
    chmod 666 *.lua

    Now copy the backups to the new phone

    I used adb to copy the files:

    adb push f:\sdbackup\abb\\files\highscores.lua /data/data/

    adb push
  • Got the following from Rovio (after just a little over two months, which is where the apology comes from). Kind of ignores the JB part, but at least they seem to be working on something, which I think I've seen here before.
    And ABN gets a shout-out!

    We are terribly sorry for not being able to get back to you earlier. The amount of e-mails that we've received has been way beyond what we had ever expected and therefore, we have had some difficulties in replying to all of them in a timely manner.

    We're working really hard on our own online syncing tool to save player progress in our games. Until then our friends at Angry Birds Nest have written a comprehensive tutorial for backing up your progress on Android devices.

    Apologies again for the belated reply! We hope that you are having a great time with our Angry Birds games! :)

  • I heard that the next Android OS is Key Lime Pie. Hope on this OS AB backup works
  • I may have an answer to our Jelly Bean woes.

    I am in the process of testing it, I will let you know in the next couple of days.
  • Good luck!
  • Didn't work :(

    Carbon says it has successfully backed up, but when restoring on another device - nothing changes.
  • Enable USB Debugging Mode on Android Phone
    adb backup com.rovio.angrybirds -f filename.ab on Android Ice Cream Sandwich 4.0.3
    adb restore filename.ab on Android Jelly Bean 4.1.1
  • Would you mind elaborating on this a little?

    Firstly, I had to Google ADB and found out that it is part of the ADT (Android Development Tools) - these can be found here for anyone else who is looking

    I also had to Google how to use it - a little more information would have really been helpful here to the uninitiated.

    Having followed your direct instructions above, I tried to back up from my S3 to my Nexus S.

    My GT-I9300 (SIII) is running 4.1.2 and my I9020 (Nexus S) is also running 4.1.2

    I opened up CMD and typed in your instructions to back up from the SIII, swapped phones and typed in the retsore command.

    Both times I had messages saying that the backup/restore had completed successfully.

    However, when I checked back, the scores on the Nexus S had been wiped completely!

    Now thankfully I did this as a test as I still have the scores I want on the device I want. However, the real problem I have is I need to copy my Seasons scores from the SIII to the Nexus S, complete the Santa Hat glitched levels in Seasons Greedings and then copy the scores back from the Nexus S to the SIII.

    Having already wiped one set of (albeit unimportant) scores between the same versions of ABo, I am really loathed to try and backup between *different* versions of ABs, but I cannot upgrade the older version as the glitch scores I am trying to attain get fixed.
  • sorry , my english is very poor

    adb backup -noapk com.rovio.angrybirdsseasons -f "c:\abs.ab" (GT-I9300)
    adb restore "c:\abs.ab" (I9020)
    click restore on I9020

    Angry Birds Seasons : com.rovio.angrybirdsseasons
    Angry Birds : com.rovio.angrybirds
  • @CmdrBond does ADT same as eclipse? I use eclipse to make app and it has ADT plugin
  • @Birds -- I don't know. I am afraid I do not know what "eclipse" is. There is some info here >>> <<< that mentions "eclipse", if this is the case, eclipse *might* work.<br />
    I know very little about the developer tools

    @wilson - that worked - thank you very much, could you please confirm the file locations for space and star wars?

    I am presuming they follow in the same vain - so

    AB:Or = com.rovio.angrybirds
    AB:Se = com.rovio.angrybirdsseasons
    AB:Sp = com.rovio.angrybirdsspace ???
    AB:SW = com.rovio.angrybirdsstarwars ???

    I'll write up a little tutorial and give credit to all who helped once I have successfully migrated all my scores.
  • UPDATE to my last - I found an answer elsewhere - it depends on the version of Space Installed

    AB:Sp = = NORMAL
    AB:Sp = com.rovio.angrybirdsspace.premium = PREMIUM
    AB:Sp = com.rovio.angrybirdsspaceHD = HD

    and for Star Wars, some digging confirms

    AB:SW = = Standard
    AB:SW = com.rovio.angrybirdsstarwarshd.premium.iap = HD

    Oh and

    AB:Ri = com.rovio.angrybirdsrio
  • It would appear that the ADB cannot restore to a different version of the same game (free/premium/HD) due to the different paths.

    I am aslo having trouble restoring from Seasons 3.1.1 to 1.1.0.

    Any suggestions on this as I have pretty much completed Seasons 3.1.1 and only want to re do Seasons Greedings - not the whole darn lot.
  • To backup Angry Birds (and all apps) on unrooted android, use free Carbon app in Play Store. For more information on how to do, go to:
  • Have you actually used Carbon to back up Angry Birds from a stock (non-rooted) JellyBean device?

    I tried it and couldn't get it to backup the scores? Maybe I did something wrong?

    Anyway, I am working on a guide that will solve this once and for all. It is a little more convoluted, but it DOES work.
  • @cmdrBond, Good to see all the hard work your doing. Hopefully you can figure out a simple solution, but the way things are with JB, you may have your work cut out for you.
    If Rovio ever gets it's sync system running and without any issues that will solve many people's problems.
  • Oh I have a solution and its not too difficult - it just needs to be followed correctly.

    So wording is key - my biggest struggle was in getting the syntax right to make it as easy as possible for everyone else.

    Not every one understands the command line - and it all goes to pot when you have to chop and change between DOS/Windows and Linux.

    But I am there - i just have to write it.
  • @CmdrBond
    I've just used Carbon to restore Angry birds scores and it works. I've successfully restored data from a Galaxy S3 to a Galaxy S2, same version of the game.

    <3 you're great! :)
  • @raziel89i - you missed the important point of the question, and the answer may be the one I am looking for, but I need to know.

    Were those devices rooted? If not - what exactly did you do to get Carbon to work?

    I will give it another try - but will also continue with my alternate and slightly more convoluted guide anyway.
  • I have used Carbon to backup my Droid Razr (with jelly bean) which is NOT rooted. I followed the instructions in the link I gave previously: ( Just follow the instructions which also includes the link to download the drivers for Android:
    I'm using the free version but will probably purchase the app because it has the ability to back up your data to cloud storage.
    P.S. @raziel89i: Thank you! Carbon saved me lots of anxiety by worrying about losing my data or invalidating my device warranty by rooting it.
  • @deborabora

    Here is a clicky link for those who want to navigate to the page you show - Talk Android - How to backup apps and app data on your rooted or non-rooted Android phone or tablet

    Did you backup the full app, or app data only?

    The ADB backup I have made is 59Kb, the APK Carbon backup is nearly 34Mb whereas the non-APK carbon is only 215 bytes!

    I don't really want to have to download/upload the entire APK every time.

    I was looking at the wrong file info (Doh!).

    I did a backup, played a level and change the score, did a restore and carbon changed the score back.

    It looks like this might work afterall :). I will still continue with my guide though, as there are elements of it that are still relevant - even with Carbon.

    I will do some more investigating and hope to have a full guide ready and waiting by the weekend.
  • @CmdrBond
    No man, I'm talking about unrooted device. If someone has a rooted device, there's no reason to talk about it because you can simply use Titanium Backup.
    With Carbon is quite easy. Just backup the data application to micro sd. For example, the backuped data of Angry Birds (the first one, where I've completed a lot of level) are about 555 Kb. Angry Birds's season backuped data are about 170 kb.
    When you've correctly backuped the data, simply install carbon on the other device and copy the carbon folder (that is on the micro-sd) to the micro-sd of the other device. Or simply move the micro-sd from a device to the other.
    I think that Carbon operates in the same way of ADB backup, in fact you also need to enable usb debug.

    @deborabora :*
  • @raziel89i

    Thanks - I think I might have sussed it now ;)

    Cheers for your help.
  • I have rooted HTC Desire and unrooted Samsung Galaxy Note 2. Carbon doesn't work on my HTC and I haven't possibility to make backup...
  • I am halfway through my guide - been really busy this week.

    Once @BirdLeader and @AMslimfordy have OK'ed it, it will be shared.

  • Thanks …really look forward to the feasible & detailed guide……
  • @deborabora: Thank YOU!!!

    Tried the "Carbon" method. Carbon is now called Helium, and that is how you will find it on the Market. It does require that you install the Helium app on both of your devices, as well as the Helium application on a Windows, Mac, or Linux machine. I'm not so sure why the computer connection is required, as nothing seems to be saved to, nor restored from the computer, and once the connection has been made between the phone and computer-based apps, the software tells you that you can disconnect your phone.

    At any rate, I backed up the data from my once rooted, but then un-rooted SGS 2 and restored it to my un-rooted SG Note 2. It was flawless. AND - Not only did it restore my Angry Birds data, but also my Aporkalypse, Devil's Attorney, and every other app I tried to restore data to.
  • @schufford: You are welcome! Helium (formerly Carbon) has saved me time and worry ... glad it helped you.
  • @CmdrBond hey, I was just wondering if you are still working on the guide. I sadly can't use the carbon/helium because the phone I'm backing up from is running on a lower version of android.
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