PLEASE let me know - User LIST SMASH MANIAC Angry Birds Space !!!

    Hallo everyone on Angry Birds Nest!!!

    I want to start a list who got also Smash Maniac on Angry Birds Space. Some players i know right now. I think it takes no longer time, more players get the archievement. Let me know and please enter a comment on this Discussion (List) when getting the Archievement. Thank you! And congratulation to the whole Angry Birds Team for this great Webside/Comunity worldwide!!!

    Greets from AUSTRIA - CC Jolly ;-)

    So @ALL USERS on ABN. You want to be on the LIST??? So post names, strategies and screenshots (important) who/when/how getting Archievement or send Mail to
    @lesleyg @nacho18 or me @cc-jolly and we will add you to the LIST!!!

    Special Thanks to my Helping Hands who gives information to me and help me to getting a longer List !!!
    AMslimfordy @amslimfordy
    Angry Advisor @lesleyg
    Nacho18 @nacho18

    Here the list of the Users i know so far (26)
    Congrats to:@

    annach: @annach
    CC Jolly: @cc-jolly
    aleksch: @aleksch
    nacho18: @nacho18
    antwan83: @antwan83
    marc987: @marc987
    goavs4: @goavs4
    joey: @joeyba
    yuriyigolkin: @yuriyigolkin
    nangolfer: @nangolfer
    Chucky: @chucky
    ChaosTsar: @chaostsar
    AngryAdvisor: @lesleyg
    ZOLOTKO86: @zatoloko
    PlayDBird: @playdbird
    cheetaa: @cheetaa
    reactive1: @reactive1
    kinkykiwi: @kinkykiwi
    Chris: @chriss
    DocTonyNYC: @doctonynyc
    gt 343: @gt-343
    heathen: @heathen
    karen68: @karen68
    Burbman: @burbman
    swellD: @swelld
    mvnla2: @mvnla2
  • I am sorry !! Question you want a list of players that already got the achievement " Smash Maniac. " well if that you want it . Yes I do . I did the achievement !! But if you want something else to add on the list .!! Like what levels I did played ; they were many.. !! Or you just want to includ myself on the list!!!!... Let me know what you really want . Please clarify the comment. Thank you. nacho18.
  • I only want to know who (how many) have the Arch. It's the hardes Arch. You also can send a Screenshot. Thanks
  • @marc987 posted that he got the achievement too.
  • I wonder if Danger Zone's blocks are included....
  • I would imagine so. In ABo, we had confirmation that Golden Egg levels counted. Danger Zone is no worse.
  • I wonder myself. I am not even going to PRETEND that I had the same file corruption problems that I had previously with Seasons (which they FINALLY resolved with Ham'o'ween!) but I have been going APE on DZ-7 and no Smash Maniac...and I have done all 4 episodes multiple times since it's release.
  • @AMslimfordy. Yes thats right. In ABO i got SMASH MANIAC playing Golden Egg 14 again and again and again!!
  • Hi CC Jolly !!! So I'm wonder how many players got the Achivement Smash Maniac : at least the actives players on these Forum or on these community of Angrybirdsnest how many you counted know and their names if possible . After annach, aleksch one more guy I forgot his name , you and me ( I am #5 ) , I do not know of any other player what's going on this let me know . Okay.
  • @nacho18. Yes this is exactly what I want to know.
    So @ALL USERS on ABN. Post names, strategies and screenshots who/when/how getting Arch. Or send Mail to nacho18 or me CC Jolly. We will right on this discussion/LIST!!!

    The Users i know so far:

    annach, CC Jolly, aleksch, nacho18, antwan83, marc987, goavs4, ...

  • Hi!!! CC Jolly . I just check on Achivements -Page ; that an other player did it too this guy posted on May 1 his / her user name is antwan83 . Even here in this page there is an other user too . His user name is marc987 ; please see upper on sal9 on may 4 he posted that . Take a look please . So know ; the list increase to 6 users.
  • Ok thank you very much. I will add the Users :-)
  • I have the smash maniac achievement in ABS, but its strange, in ABO it took me three straight months of constant playing to get the smash maniac, but for ABS it only took a week or two, I got it before I got at least one of the score addict achievements (probably DZ...) I can't honestly say I had a strategy, just playing through each of the levels over and over again!
  • @goavs4. I also played the episodes again and again to get better scores but last i played some levels with lots of blocks (posted in Achievements - Angry Birds Space). You are right. It was most easier to get in Space than in Original, Seasons and Rio. Thanks for comment.
  • I believe that in ABS the space eagle count against the trophy and that's why its easier to get. I still don't have it but i unlocked the 50 000 block achievement with space eagle. It's possible to be delayed from before, it won't be for first time in game center.
  • @vasschu I don't think the Smash achievements count Space Eagle destroyed blocks
  • I also don't think so
  • Per FujiToast:
    1. It's now OFFICIALLY confirmed that blocks in golden egg levels DO count towards smash maniac.
    2. Blocks are counted immediately and the level does NOT have to finish first
    3. Blocks smashed AFTER the release of the Mighty Eagle sardine can do not count but those before do.
    4. Only regular block-type objects count as blocks (all sizes and shapes of wood, rock, ice/glass). Other things, for example pigs, balloons, rubber ducks, TNT crates, etc. don't.

    That applies to AB, we can only guess that the same is true for space.

    We could also add asteroids to number 4, not sure.
  • Probably turnips and mushrooms too ;-)
  • @ sal9. Thanks for information
  • Number 4 says only wood, stone, and ice/glass. I believe asteroids are stone/ice so they likely count. But other "shrubbery" and such does not.
  • Uh oh the "Holy Grail" comments are going to start now....
  • Thoughts on good levels to achieve smash maniac in space? I've got all stars, other achievements and have played a lot to boost all my scores, but not a maniac yet. Recently been banging away on Pig Bang 1-14 and 1-17.. seems like a good one, but looking to mix it up a little. Thanks in advance for the input.
  • I like 2-11.
  • I know what i said is against all logic, but i am pretty sure that i unlocked block achievement during a very long space eagle session (i used all of them in one session). But then again, when i transferred my saves from my 2g to the 4g, the game center needed more than a week to give me all my score achievements, although i got all of them from the beginning. I don't wanna give you false hopes, just discussing the possibilities ;-) Cheers!
  • Hi...!!! C C Jolly just today there is an other player did it " Joey " so take a look .. Tanhk you.
  • @nacho18. Thanks for your help and Information. I hope the List will be a little bit longer :-)
  • hi there!
    I'm another one to be added on the list
  • Hi . CC Jolly . So know Joey can be on the List .!! He already send you his photo of the his earned achievement . So we can Welcome Joey to this group!!!
  • Yeeeeah !!!
  • Just got Smash Mania yesterday. Yeah !!!
  • Congrats. Can you send screenshot ??
  • Just a question for anyone that has gotten this thus far....While I am completely aware that what I ask isn't 100% indication, has anyone gotten Smash Maniac while playing Danger Zone? TIA
  • Yes i got it in playing Danger Zone :-)
  • @yuriyigolkin Congratulation. I will add you to the List ;-)
  • Those of you who've achieved smash maniac on space, how long did it take and what is your total score for space? I am placed at 241 out of over 5 million on the leaderboards and still have not achieved it! Total score of 9,473,155.
  • @nangolfer

    I got Smash Maniac in Space very soon (after 2 weeks) earlier than in Original, Seasons and Rio. In the beginning where ABSP come out to the market/App Store i played levels again and again and again to top my own scores. I was hooked playing Space (every free minute), particularly playing Danger Zone. My Rank at this time in Gamecenter 62 and Total Score 9.667.780. Looking forward and hopefully i can add you to the list ;-) soon.

  • Wow....just as I was about to give up on achieving smash, I got it just 20 minutes after my above post!
  • @nangolfer. Thanks for Screenshot sending to my Email Account.

    Yessss!!!!!! congratulation to Smash Maniac. Great Performance. The list getting longer :-)
  • Finally got it!! :)

    Lots of 1-17, and some of 1-16, 2-11 and Dangerzone 7
  • Congratulation @Chucky
  • Congratulation ChaosTsar. Very Good show :-)
  • Hallo Angry Birds. The list starts to die and will not be longer. If someone know peoples who get Smash Maniac in Space. Please let me know and give information to me.

    Thanks very much
  • See Angry Advisor!
  • @amslimfordy
    Thanks for letting me know. I will take a look!!
  • @lesleyg (AngryAdvisor)
    Welcome to our small Group ;-)
  • Thank you @cc Jolly ;-)!!! Here is some information requested by you and others. I received it yesterday 7-10-12, while playing the Challenge level, Cold Cuts 2-29. It was very random. I have never set out to try and achieve it. I just played all the Space levels with my usual goal to obtain above average scores, which I have accomplished. I have only gone back to play Space version when they come up for Challenge of the Day. I am #74 on GC of 1,884,610 users. My total score is 9,666,495. Finally, to clarify the above question about SE to obtain it...I have never thrown a SE. I have not purchased any. I have no SE "feathers" obtained because I have gotten free ones, but have not used any of them yet so there's no way they were used for me to obtain Smash Maniac. I hope that clears that question up. I received all other Achievements for Space EXCEPT the SE ones.
    Here is my screenshot you requested:

    Thank you again for including me in your list...YaY!!! ;-)
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