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  • Congratulations @desperatedan. What an accomplishment!!
  • @DesperateDan you can open mighty Eagle with 100 coins
  • Thanks @ixan57. Not sure I can get up to 100 coins any more. Not really bothered. All that eagle stuff is for the kids.
  • @hunnybunny, best comeback of all time in UC tonight. Should I have said spoiler? Barely answered a thing all night. Watched an OC from 2011. Victoria looked exactly the same. Fishy.
  • Thanks @karen68. Wondering on my next project. Possibly a sharpshooter badge? I'm one short in a couple of episodes but the last one in each case is impossible due to ancient glitches that cannot be resurrected.
  • Think I've ust discovered the world Twister© champion.
  • New album out on Friday, I think?
  • Halfway through The Commitments @hunnybunny. Good stuff, but I do need subtitles. That's a reflection on me, not them.
  • Question, probably mainly for Brian. Name a radio presenter who has had shows on Radio 1, Radio 2, Radio 3, Radio 4, Radio 5 Live, and 6 Music. A musician, originally.
  • Oh how I have missed Impossible. Which of these animals native to Iceland has fur that turns white in winter. Arctic hare, Arctic fox, Arctic monkey. You've guessed it... Words fail me.
  • Bit of a concept album I believe made my heart sink a bit but I'm sure it won't be Rick Wakeman's 6 wives of Henry VIII.

    Will think on your Q. Ian Anderson has been around the block but don't think it's him.
  • 5 or 6 people out of 18 thought that there were 36 inches in a foot. Are we really in such a post-imperial society? For example, what proportion of people when you asked them how tall they were, would quote m/cm rather than feet/inches? What would your kids say, Brian? I could be completely wrong.
  • Not Ian Anderson. This person is a current presenter.
  • In which play by Oscar Wilde does Lady Bracknell appear?
    “The Rocky Horror Show”
    Now you know why I shout at mid afternoon TV
  • Ah, UC, Dan, an excellent episode, and Only Connect last week saw Gary Dermody, many years ago I quizzed with him, he’s brutal!
    He went on Who Wants to be a Millionaire with CJ from Eggheads, and a Chaser (forget which one) as “Phone a Friend” and your mate in the audience, shared the spoils: £64,000 each
    He sacked me from his quiz team, over some slight mistake, I called him a shit. His wife agreed!
  • Two recommended films:
    Bob Marley One Love
    Wicked little letters (Olivia Colman at her best!)
  • Think I know who it is @desperatedan.He was glad to be gay but then saw the error of his ways,got married(to a woman)and had two kids.
  • What women swearing and writing obscenities @hunnybunny?Surely not?

    Of course.
    The first TRB album is ferociously good. Politics and pop has rarely been blended so brilliantly (and angrily).
  • He certainly knocked out some good tunes back in the day although sadly not much has changed since he wrote my personal favourite War Babies.
    One of the things I remember was the vitriolic response to Tom when he 'came out' as straight by the LBTQ brigade.Ironic as he largely preached a message of tolerance.

    Does anyone know why @ixan57 is feeling so testy?
  • Today's ABO Challenge is brutal. Gone back to finish Jurassic Park. 39k ahead of @asher now, hopefully a safe buffer unless he 'comes out' as a Classics player.
  • @BrianN perhaps seeing if anyone notices him?
  • He's always there a coiled snake.

    Got really excited for a minute as i got a massive glitch score on Piggy Farm 34-13.So went to the walkthrough to see what the craic is...all scores disabled...Gaaaaahhhhhh!!!
  • The Gaaaaahhhhh!!! is a worthy successor to the Whhhhiiiiinnnne.
  • Still pounding that ABO scoreboard @desperatedan?Reminded of the words of John Cooper-Clark 'Too much is not enough'.
    Have you ever wondered what would happen if the great man had met The Prodigy? Might have sounded something like this...

    Didn't come across any instability on SC 1-14.
  • That was so weird. For about 10 minutes on SC14 it kept collapsing, really big collapse, almost like flinging the first bird. Then it stopped. The problem was, having red as effectively the second bird didn't seem to help much. Good flinging by the way, maybe I will get runt if I can figure out the collapse.

    As far as ABO goes, as I said, I'm just finishing off JP. Totted up my trophies, found that courtesy of Classics mainly, I have 77. Are you tempted?
  • Right banging tune. OB has just come out from hiding behind the counter.
  • Not really too bothered about trophies @desperatedan but will certainly use Classsic when i get round to ABO(and possibly the nuclear option with a little tuition from yourself).
    How has ABO been behaving for you recently?Reason for asking is i did a final JP version experiment 3 days ago and it's been fine on Bluestacks.It's v 7.9.1 and I think was the first version that contained all JP levels.Would be a good base version to use while experimenting elsewhere with older versions.If it starts crashing I'll let you know.

    Speaking of which you mention being thwarted re Sharpshooter badge by older versions with glitches(that always gets my glitch snitch a twitchin').How far back are these versions?Did come across a website that has all versions of Bluestacks that might overcome compatibility issues and thought about it in connection with ABS 1.1.0 but don't want to muck up what I already have on BS.If you have an old pc knocking about might be worth a try.
  • 20 points short of a pup today.

    Anyway, questions, questions, questions.

    ABO behaving well, thank you. Ver 8.3.0. I don't switch around, it's too much hassle. As far as older glitch versions, I don't know what they are, usually. One can judge the date roughly from the walkthrough comments and they are all about 10 years ago or more. Bluestacks 5 will never run those. I tried and failed to load Bluestacks 4 (I think) so I guess I found the sort of site you are referring to. I do have a PC I could use for experimenting.

    On Birdday 5 I am missing 30-21 from top 20.
    On Bird Island I am missing 31-2 and 31-15.
    On Danger Above it's 6-13, 8-6 and 8-14.

    It's not all glitches, sometimes it's just a change of design.

  • So my experiment remains unproven.Let me know next time ABO starts failing to load and I'll see what's happening with 7.9.1
    Pretty sure I've been as far back as v 3.0.0 but apparently the very early versions were affected in some way by the cloud system or so I've been told .Making them at best unpredictable.
  • Unlucky with the pup,having a strict no Challenge policy 'ceptin' ABO and ABS,occasional foray into Rio as I'm determined to get thru Seasons.
  • Just backtracking a little don't you think the decision to remove all scores from PF 34-13 is the biggest admin fudge ever?So many levels with similar glitches were either:
    1 Allowed .
    2 Allowed but capped at a certain level.
    3Not allowed but flingers trusted to include non glitch scores only.
    Never was a level taken off the leaderboards.
  • I think it's the only level that still, as of today, has an active glitch (at least I am assuming it still happens). Rovio fixed loads of others.
  • I think that the oddity of JP having 46 levels rather than 45 was to bring the total up to 700, but of course the loss of PF 34-13 has dropped it back to 699. That's a lot. I can't possibly imagine tackling an even bigger number on Seasons (which I think is overall, quite a bit tougher than ABO).
  • Dire news: the main part of our Victorian Mews is good; the tacky seventies twenty foot kitchen extension is leaking, damp, and indeed, dire..
    Men coming around tomorrow to determine the damage
  • You may have to send the Bunnyman out to work again.
  • And in other Victorian news:
    Prince Albert takes fever-prognosis not good.

    Great Exhibition at Crystal Palace a blazing success.However window cleaners complain about long hours and poor working conditions.One is quoted as saying "It's Dickensian!"

    David Beckham in the doghouse after being caught with his pants down (again)...wait that's a different Victoria...what?...Mews?...sorry I'll get me Moat...
  • Sorry Bunny I couldn't help myself.Hope the men who came to price the job didn't suck through their teeth and blow their cheeks out while saying things like "Sheesh!".That type will come up with Stevie Pea RNG.Good luck.Maybe only four foreign holidays this year?
  • Assume you mean in ABO @desperatedan?Still loads of unfixed glitches in Seasons, came across a new one a few weeks ago in Pig Days also SW I still has a few.Don't think it was ever suggested that they come off the leaderboards.
  • We are not amewsed.

    Having a Seasons break and checked out BD 5 30-21got a top 20 score with two birds and so close to a one birder.Very doable,this was on my tablet using current version.
  • Will have another look at BD5 30-21. I'm not that far off, probably got bored.
  • Ah, I see. I need an earlier version. Can you confirm which one @brianN, thanks.
  • As I said above @desperatedan I just used the current version 8.whatever and I'm sure close to top score is attainable but you're right it's boring.
  • If you thought last weeks ABO offering was brutal I think we have his older and more violent brother today.It,s got me thinking of a Rolling Stones song.Strawberry Daiquiri for anyone guessing which one.Banana Daiquiri if you're wrong.
  • RNG = Tumbling Dice. Random and Tumbling, can't be a better match, surely?
  • But I agree, especially as I was ranked second at the start. I couldn't get past 83k.
  • Banana D. for Dan.Right album tho'

    So close to 85k..boulder teetered then fell right instead of left...Gaaaaaahhhhh!!!!!!!
  • No I am right. It's the best answer.
  • I think you'll find Rocks Off fits like a glove(heh heh}. Strawberry D for me.
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