How to transfer progress from Android 2.3.6 (Gingerbread) to Apple
  • I have been asked if it's possible to transfer progress between Android and Apple. The professionals say no, but let me tell you, it can be done :D

    I wanted to share this with all of you and have made a (real down to every little detail) walkthrough. For some this will be to elaborate, but remember, not all of you AB lovers are computer wizzkids, so bare with the less computer savvy birdies out there. It seems a lot work and the text looks daunting, but I think the reading takes more time than the process itself. Once you walked through this walkthrough it all makes sense and you can repeat the process in minutes. At least I hope so LOL

    NOTE: this is a lesson in how to transfer progress from Android to Apple, so all progress on your Apple device will be lost and replaced by your Android progress when you are done.

    • an Apple device
    • an Android device with the AB game X (of course with the progress you have made thus far)
    • a computer
    • a cable to connect you Android device to the computer
    • a cable to connect you Apple device to the computer (the one attached to the powerplug)

    Prep work
    Step 1 - setting up your Apple Device
    1. Download the AB game X (which ever one you want to you Android progress transfer to) and play at least one level, doesn't matter what score, just make sure you complete one level
    2. Close all apps. Click to home button to return to the main screen. Double click the home button to acces the apps that are currently running. Tap and hold an icon (doesn't matter which one). The icons should start to wobble and have a small "x" on the left of the icons. Tap all the "x" to close all the apps that are running at this time. Tap the home button again to exit this mode
    Step 2 - setting up your Android Device
    1. Create backup files of your AB games
      • download the backup program "Angry Backup for the Birds" from the Google Play Store
      • open the program
      • mark the AB games that you want to backup. (or all, always a good thing to back up your progress). DO NOT check the boxes for restore!! This will restore your progress to the last time you made a back up!! Removing all progress you made in the mean time
      • tap "Go"
    2. make sure your Android device is setup to be a USB drive for the computer.
      • Go to "Settings" of the device
      • Go to "Wireless and Network" and tap "USB settings"
      • choose "Mass storage" (not sure if this is the right translation)
    Step 3 - setting up your Computer
    1. download the program and install the program "Disk Aid". After installation change the preference to view all the Apps in the left column
      • Go to DiskAid>Preferences>Advanced (tab)
      • check the boxes in front of "Display all Apps even if …”
      • "Show root path for Apps"“Show hidden files and folders”
    2. create a folder on your desktop for saving the backup to your computer
      • go to your desktop
      • Right click > choose "create new folder"
      • Rename the folder into something like "AngryBirds Backup"
      • If you have more than one version of AB games like me, open that folder and create 5 new folders by repeating the 2 steps above here and name them "Space" "Original" "Seasons" "Rio" and "StarWars" for instance

    The Cooking
    First we need to copy the backup files (you just created on your Android device in the Prep work, remember you need to do this at the last moment, so you will have the latest scores in your backup files) from you Android device to the computer.
    1. connect your Android device to the computer
    2. On your Android device it will ask "Connect Storage to PC" (or something like that, sorry translation issues), tap that button
    3. open "Windows Explorer" on your computer to view all files on your computer. In the left column there should be a folder "computer", click on that in the left column
    4. you will see a list of drives in the main screen on the right, choose the one "External disk" (or something down that line, can't be sure because of the translation issue), double click on that one and you will see a list that starts with (in my case) ".downloadTemp", right underneath that is a folder named "abb". This is the folder containing the backup files of all the AB Games you back upped with the app "Angry Backup for the Birds".
    5. In this example we are going to transfer the files from Angry Birds Original, so open up the folder abb>com.rovio.angrybirds>files and select the files "highscores.lua" and "settings.lua"
    6. right click somewhere on the blue selection field and a pop up menu appears and select "copy"
    7. click "Desktop" in the left column and open up the folder "AngryBirds Backup" we created in the Prep work
    8. Opened up the right folder (in this case the "Original" folder I created in that Backup folder)
    9. Right click and choose "Paste" from the pop up menu
    10. repeat these steps for the other games you might have
    Now you have a backup of all your AB games on your computer, yeah! :D

    Now we are going to transfer the files to your Apple Device
    1. connect you Apple device to the computer, ignore any messages from your computer and open up the program "Disk Aid"
    2. in the left column you will see the content of your Apple device, click open the folder "Apps". You will see a list of all the programs you currently have on your Apple device and when the preference settings are correct (see prep work) you should see a list of "Angry Birds" apps. Unfortunately the all are named the same, so you need to look at the icon in front of the name. Select the right folder, in this example choose the folder showing the "Original" icon in front of it.
    3. Open up the folder "Documents" and there are all the files of the AB Original game, including the "highscores.lua" and "settings.lua" we want to replace.
    4. Go "Windows Explorer" and open up the folder containing the backup files of the game you want to transfer, in this case open up the folder Desktop>AngryBirds Backup>Original
    5. now rearrange the windows of "Disk Aid" and "Windows Explorer" so you will see them both
    6. select the "highscores.lua" and "settings.lua" from "Windows Explorer" and drag them to the "Disk Aid" window on the folder "Documents".
    7. it will now ask you if you are sure you want to overwrite the files, just click "Yes". It will ask you this 2 times (because you are copying 2 files)
    8. repeat these steps for the other games you might have
    Your progress of all your Angry Birds games are now transfered to your Apple device! DONE!

    Let me know if this walkthrough worked and please any input would be appreciated!
  • I believe there are some issues with backing up Angry Birds on Jelly Bean (Android 4.1).

    Here is an email I sent to the developer of "Angry Backup for the Birds", and his response.

    Dear developer, I installed ABftB on my Samsung Galaxy SIII in the hope I would be able to once again back up my AB scores. I tick the boxes for the relevant apps, then click Go and I get the pop-ip that says back up completed wait for app to restart, but the log below says Backup FAILED (file size = 0) ==> contact Dev.

    My phone

    Samsung Galaxy SIII (International) - GT-I9300
    Android version 4.1.1
    Baseband I9300NEDLI1
    Kernel version 3.0.31-288630 [email protected] #1
    Build number JRO03C.I9300XXDLJ1

    (Info from Google Maps)

    Platform android:samsung-m0-GT_I9300
    Device samsung m0xx
    Locale en_GB

    Angry Birds Installed

    Angry Birds v2.3.0
    Angry Birds Seasons v3.0.1
    Angry Birds Rio v1.4.4
    Angry Birds Space (Premium) v1.3.2
    Angry Birds Star Wars (HD) v1.0.0

    Please help.

    Regards, ######## ####.


    Thanks for your email.

    I an really sorry for your issue and so far, if your device is not rooted, I think you may have to blame Google.. :(

    My last update takes care of rooted devices that overcomes the limitation that Jelly Bean (Android > 4.1 ) introduced in the Security concept.
    So, my best guess for your request is only to have you rooted to see if it works and in these words, I saw that xda-developers provided a root for the Nexus 4, Nexus 7, Samsung SGS3, and all the other devices..

    Should you test, please let me know the result and if anything could be done in your side, a best eval would be much appreciated in my side :

    HTH - Obviously AB:SW and AB:S have both had an update since I sent this email, not that I think that makes much difference. Also the backup utility I used to use seems to have disappeared completely from the Play Store, and no longer works on all the AB versions installed on my Nexus S since the JellyBean upgrade.
  • I checked the version I tried it on and indeed the Android version is way older than yours, I Have 2.3.6 (Gingerbread?!) on a Samsung YP-G70 Galaxy S WIFI 5.0

    I still can download and use "Angry Backup for the Birds", so it must be the difference in Android version. I think I have an other Android device somewhere, but not sure which version is on there. Will get back on that one.

    I have used the other 2 apps available in the Google Play store, but have found "Angry Birds Backup" to be less friendly... unable to choose separate backups, it back ups everything in one go. "Angry Birds Backup 2SD", but this doesn't have "AB Star Wars" and renames the files (which means an extra step of renaming the files yourself before transfer to iOS).

    In my case all 3 versions create files which can be accessed by connecting the device to the computer without having to root the device. But again, because there are a bunch of different Android versions (and I am not that familiar with Android) and me running an older version causes differences I didn't know of.

    Thanks for the respons, I guess I will have to investigate some more on the Android side for this walkthrough to work for everybody. So sorry this couldn't be the help I thought it was going to be.
  • @CmdrBond I Just tried on a HTC Sense 3.6, Android version 4.0.3 and could download the "Angry Backup for the Birds" from Google Play. It does give an error... however after I inserted a micro SD card it was able to make a back up and I could excess it by connecting the device to my computer. Note it still gave out an error, but the files where successfully copied to my SD card. The transfer to my iOS device went the same as I wrote above and all data was transfered. (not sure about feathers though)
  • @e-star - is there a way to move apple to android?
  • Yes there is @PlayDBird, but seeing the trouble of all the different versions of Android I will have to check on the newer device on how to do this. Will get back to you on this.
  • I gave my android to my mom (long story as to why it had to happen suddenly) but I had to do a factory reset. Lost All my progress on the games , but at least I still have the scores I entered into the leader board. Wish I had entered all my scores from all the games I played. Now, if I want to, I have to go back and kill them all again. Wouldn't have been able to follow your instructions anyway as I didn't get my apple until later. All in all if was a fair trade off - I didn't know what I had been missing. Just want to say thanks to you @Estar, for taking the time to post this info. It's nice to know we have a resident technician!
  • Firstly, I would like to thank you for going to the trouble of the walkthrough.

    Back to the backup tools, the one I used was by Sergio Patrice, this had been the best BackUp tool I had used on Android as it allowed to individually or group backup each game and supported everything up to space including HD and premium variants (allowing the transfer of scores from free, HD and premium to each other too). it could also back up to the phone or dropbox. However, unfortunately on the 26th of September, 2012 - he posted the following on XDA Developers in the thread: [APP] Angry Birds Backup


    My app (and others similar) was suspended by Google because of Rovio complains about the "Angry Birds" name trademark.
    For now I'm not interested in 'rebranding' my app.

    I can send you the APK for instalation, just send me an private message with your email and I will send it.

    I have contacted Sergio regarding the APK, and also asked if it will work on 4.1.1 - I will reply back here when(if) he replies to me.
  • @e-star nice work very well explained :)
  • @birdaddict, you are welcome and I am so so sorry your progress was lost. I guess I found out the hard way as well last year, when I lost my progress on my iPad. I didn't want that to happen again, so I figured out how to back up manually. It kinda makes me feel safe seeing the files on my computer :)
  • Thanks for all the information CmdrBond, I really appreciate it. Although I don't play Android, I do want to help where I can. But diving in this material made it clear to me there are many different Android versions out there (hahaha, I thought it was kinda like the Apples iOS with updates and all, guess I thought wrong didn't I?). So I included the Android version in the title of the Discussion, so others will know this might not work on other Android versions.

    Thanks for keeping us posted, I figure the more information the more happy Android players out there.
  • Thanks Harry :)
  • @e-star is there a way to transfer my iOS scores to a new android (I am getting for Christmas) and keep my iOS scores on my iOS device and have my scores on my android one too?
  • @HarryStar6 There is a way, but it's not bullet proof. I did a reverse on the walkthrough above and it didn't work with the program "Angry Backup for the Birds", but it did using the App "Angry Birds Backup 2SD", but this doesn't have "AB Star Wars" and renames the files (which means an extra step of renaming the files yourself before transfer to the new device). Making the walkthrough like I did at the top takes time and I don't have much to spare, but when I do, I hope to type out the reverse methode as well. In the mean time you might want to check the tutorials here at ABN, cause there are a lot and maybe there is one for you. As long as you COPY and NOT CUT or DELETE the files on you main device, you will be safe to try on your new device.
  • Thanks @e-star :)
  • interesting thread. Hope to someday move from apple to android.
  • @CmdrBond yes, it works on JB (4.1.1/4.1.2/4.2), but it needs root (press menu > preferences). I've tried it before and I still have the app :). Maybe I'll share the apk to you
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