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  • I have already downloaded the game from the link given and enter the activation key given but registration failed. I had already connected to the internet, and tried the suggested ways. But unfortunately, it failed again. It said I had enter the wrong activation codes. I had tried both methods--copy and paste the codes, as well as entering the codes, and it just doesn't works. Please help:-(
  • How did you receive the codes? You may have to go through Rovio for this one([email protected]).
  • Nice to know that there is someone with the same problem as I. I also did what slyhag did. I also emailed them twice and no reply yet. slyhag, is your issue resolved yet? My issue is about a day old already.
  • This is unfortunate. I hope a solution is made known soon. I also hope that they offer a free key to AB original users who purchased the game through Intel AppUp. Seems only fair. Please post back when you hear from Rovio.
  • heard from them after 6 days. they're asking me to send the details of my computer because the problem 'seems to be something in between.' I'll post when I receive another reply.
  • Paulop: Me too, they had asked for the details of my computer. I had sent them the details, but until now, they still haven't reply me. Hope this issue will be solved soon....
  • That's weird
  • Here is their reply:

    "We have now released an update to fix the issue with activation.
    Please launch the game and let it update or download the latest
    version from and install over the original

    Once you have updated, please try registering again."

    I did the second option and downloaded the new installer. I noticed that its version is 1.1.1 (the old one was 1.1.0). I installed it over the original, registered with my old key, and it WORKED! I hope everybody who has this problem would know this.
  • Try it, slyhag! :)
  • paulop,just now i downloaded the new installer from,after that i install it over the original,registered with my key,but still it doesn't work.T_T
  • I wonder if that's because you already tried to use the key. @paulop, did they send you a second key or did you use the same key?
  • Ya, they had sent me a new activation keys and i had tried it with the latest version 1.1.1, and it worked!!! Hooray:-D But i am facing another problem....

    Yesterday i had completed Smugglers' Den, and had reached Jungle Escape, i closed the game and shut down my pc and went out for dinner. When i came back home and intend to continue the game, it asked for the activation codes from me again if i wish to play the full version. I ignored it, and carried on. Guess what? Both Jungle Escape and Beach Volley had been locked again, and for Smugglers' Den, all the levels had been locked too, except Level 1 only. And the funniest thing is, the stars and the pineapples which i had scored previously are still valid. When i clicked on Level 1, my previous score is still display on the top right of the screen.....

    Please help....:-/
  • hey there i´m new on ABN so this is my first comment :-] but as all of you i got installed angry birds rio for pc. when i installed it it worked, fine then i completed smugglers´den and then i'd have to use the code i got to play the next levels but it did'nt worked. so i updated it and it still doesn't work.... please help
  • Did you install the newest version (v1.1.1) they posted on It's supposed to contain a bug fix to fix this very problem.
  • yeah,i had already installed the newest version v1.1.1, but it still does not fix the problem.T_T
  • i too got it installed and nothin's working for me -_-
  • "slyhag!" works for me... try it........
  • @slyhag, I have the same problem - worked at first, now levels are locked and it asks for activation code, I put in my code, and nothing - it says it's invalid
  • I have the newest downloader1.1.2 and it simply says registration failed,even though I entered and re entered the code and Im clearly connected to the internet because im on this forum.
    I'm very upset and would like my 5$ bucks back,this BS. This is a common problem it would seem,so why hasn't this issue been resolved?
  • Wow...I'm so thankful for my iPad version...totally easy...playing now!! Sorry to rub it in...kind of!! :p
  • @Case12 You will have to contact [email protected] about this. Agreed, it is far too common, but we don't have a whole lot of information on the matter...
  • Hi there, I bought AB Rio for PC a few months ago via , got my code and everything works fine on both my laptops(I used the same code for both laptops and that seemed to be no problem either)...
    Two days ago I got an update on 1! of my laptops and on the other laptop....nothing is happening!
    Does anyone know why that is?
    And another question....when I start up Rio on the laptop the update works on, the beginning page says 'redeem code', but the update works just fine without entering a code....???
    Ik can just click on 'play' and Carnival Upheaval works!
    Hope someone can help me out with these 2 'problems'......
  • 1) The updated file runs periodically, not necessarily every time you start Rio (or whichever). We aren't sure how frequently checks are made, but I imagine you should see the update available in a day or two.

    2) The redeem code is relevant to the Golden Beachball levels. Read more there and in the Mac/PC section.
  • 1) Ok, so I should just wait it out a couple of days right now ;-)
    I got the update on AB(the original) today at exactly the same time on both my laptops...strange that Rio does'nt 'do' the same than....
    2) Ok, so for those Golden Beachballs I probably have to buy a new code so I can play them..?
    I just read the stuff about the Golden Beachball level and I tried going to 6-13 and rolled some birds underneath the slingshot, but NO golden beachball...hahaha
    As far as I know, I read that although you may have installed Rio on both laptops, once one has checked for updates and updated, the other laptop will think that you already have the update, because your version of the game has updated once. It thinks that you are playing on the same computer, so it thinks the update is present. Shouldn't work like this, I know; it should see what updates are available, and then what version the game currently is, but it doesn't. This is all I can help you with on the matter...
  • I doubt that the updater is that smart to now that he already updated on another platform. You can always download a new installer from Also, yes, on the PC and Mac you need the code found in the DVD or Blu-ray.
  • @BirdLeader
    Really? I thought I read somewhere about it only updating once... oh well. There does seem to be many issues with PC Angry Birds and AB Rio... I'm now thankful my two games worked out fine! Rovio should really address these problems. I wonder, though, what is causing these problems? It's not like the Mine and Dine loading update where everyone experienced a delay in loading, and some people lost data - this is half half. Some people have codes work out fine, and others cannot get the game working for the life of them, even with multiple codes given to them by Rovio. I think it may even have something to do with people's computers, rather than the game itself.
  • @dGhost
    I understand your explanation yes and no..hahaha
    When I got the update(AB original Mine and Dine)on one laptop, I downloaded it immediately and went to have a look and played a little bit...
    Then I thought, almost an hour later, I should download it on my other laptop too!
    And so I started up the other laptop/AB and immediately there was the question if I wanted to download the update....
    So with ABoriginal both updates woked just fine, but with Rio just one of my laptops!
    And the Golden Beachball levels I still can't figure that out, why it doesn't work, I went to 6-13 and I don't see a golden beachball, not even when I shoot the birds over there like the instruction says..
    The instruction says I don't need a code and that it's 'free' , the beachball should be there....IF I understand everything allright offcoure..
    Perhaps someone could explain to me HOW I can get The Golden Beachball levels and maybe tell me what I'm doing wrong...?
    Sadly, and for some whacked-out reason, Rovio has made the beachball levels free for iOS and Android, but for PC you need the code that comes with DVD and Blu-Ray copies of the movie Rio. I have no idea why it's not free for both or paid for both, but sadly that's how it works...
  • Ok thanx for your quick answer!
    I will buy the dvd asap...very handy I have a 7-year old daughter! ;-)
  • Still no update for Rio on one of my two laptops, it's been 3 days now since the update on my other laptop did work.....strange!
  • You can just go download a new installer from and updated manually.
  • What exactly should/must I do...? Download Free Demo or Buy The Game....?
  • Go to and click, "Download Free Demo". Save the installer on your harddrive. When the download is finished click it and install. This will update you to the latest version. If you've already purchased the game your activation will remain unchanged.
  • That's what I mean with good advice! It works! Hogs and Kisses for the Birdleader! hahaha..
  • One more question for now(I'm sure you'll have the answer to this)...
    In the original AB you get one extra level to play when you get a golden get a golden star....
    Nothing happens when you get golden bananas, papayas, pineapples...even if you got them all..
    Why is that...?
  • We asked Rovio about this a while ago. Likely, the original reason for no bonus levels was frankly there are so many Golden Fruit (15 per episode is A LOT). On the other hand, we asked Rovio if they ever considered making 1 "Golden Egg"-like level if you obtain 15/15 of a particular fruit. They said they were considering it, so that could happen.
  • My activation code is still not working - even after the latest AB update :(
  • Have you tried emailing [email protected] and requesting a new code? I've heard from some people that they have sent them a new code, but I think it may take awhile. Also, have you tried running it under the admin account (right click and select, "Run as Administrator").
  • yes, yes, and yes :)

    I finally heard back from them, they sent two new activation codes, one for each AB and ABR.

    Updated to the latest binaries from the download page (, then registered with the new codes they sent.

    So far, so good!! Now, hopefully the codes don't die tomorrow when my daughters launch the game :)
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