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  • I have the angry birds games downloaded to my SD card. Is that where they should be?
  • What device are you on? And I feel like this question needs a little more info. Is that where it should be for what?
  • verizon lg ally android. does it matter if downloaded to sd or to phone?
  • Hmm, sorry not an android owner. But does it matter for what? For game play? for storage? Is something not working?
  • well it plays in slow motion. usually in at the end of each section. ex. 1-14, 2-15
  • I bet the data transfer rate on your SD card is bottle necking the game play. Not a %100 sure though. Can you try installing it on the phone's internal storage?
  • My 2 cents- I have an android and I move the app to sd, mainly for storage space. You may have to move it back when an update is available- sometimes it won't install properly unless the app is on your phone. I don't know if it the speed of the game will change. I have noticed that turning off the background images will speed things up quite a bit for me.
  • Thx Wanda thats kinda what ive come to the conclusion to.
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