Let me see your spreadsheets!
  • I'm curious to know and would really love to see what other's store in their own spreadsheets (if any), how it looks, features and stats gathered etc.

    Feel free to download and use/modify mine as you like: http://pacraig.com/angrybirds.xlsx - if you do anything with it or have any suggestions, please let me know! (I've also imported it into Google Docs, so could work on it there and automatically import scores... if you want to grab it and use it, you can: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/ccc?key=0AuVdtswDjgEPdGRsMkdyV0FGcjRSS2FCcUNYRWhsZUE )

    Here's what mine has so far:
    - Every single level including Facebook levels, Free,
    - Colour-coded and sortable comparison of my score with ABN top, average, 3 stars and addict
    - GameCenter and ABN ranks (and more importantly % based on total in the leaderboard)
    - Notes on each level to remind or summarise strategies
    - List of "known" scores from games that could have resulted in better scores, with some more effort the same scenario could be repeated.

    I can then step through and choose to play by level, sort by average difference to be above average in all levels targeting the ones with the most to gain, list amount to be gained in each level and world, compare my score with family and closest game center rival, at glance see colour codes to determine which levels/worlds need some improvement.
  • Wow, those are some pretty good scores!
  • I keep a more simple one to track my scores from different devices (I have six) and use a =MAX formula to track the high score over all of them. Sub three star scores are shaded in red, High scoring device on each level gets shaded green. There is a tab for each episode, color coded by game.
  • I used to keep detailed spreadsheets, but stopped when they implemented the episode breakdowns and level rank on the leaderboards here.

    However, I used to keep all levels, my rank, # of entered scores for each level to determine my rank %. Then I would look at my entered score, highs score for the level, and determine my score %. I'd apply a weight to each and use that for improvement. Also would keep my rank % for all episodes so I would know which episodes I wanted to improve first.
  • Hmm, good idea! I'll see what i can make!
  • Wow, those are definitely impressive. I wonder if we could implement a way for people to download their leaderboard as a CSV, which could be the start of an Excel template. I really appreciate you sharing these.
  • I copied and pasted the leaderboards from ABN to create my template.
  • @Burbman Good to know that works. Maybe we can make it that much easier...maybe not. I'll have to see how feasible it is.
  • Wow, coping and pasting to Excel was easier than I thought! Here's a screenshot of what it looks like: http://i41.tinypic.com/11kh168.png
  • @Birdleader - I don't know how much easier you could make it, it is a simple process already. Highlight leaderboard from level 1 through your score on final level, right click, choose copy, open excel, choose first cell you want included, right click again, and choose paste. Even maintains the hyperlinks to the level leaderboards and walkthroughs!
  • One thing I found defective though, the score would always show as ###### instead of ex. 132950. I had to change the font to Arial Narrow for it to show.
  • @blahalb - in excel you can always double click on the right border of a column heading to resize to show the full contents of all cells in that column.
  • It would always show ######, no matter if I wided the cell of double clicked.
  • That's weird - ###### normally denotes "Field too small". Not a font issue. I wonder why that happened.
  • I have to say it is pretty impressive Peter! You are more fond of the bird than I am and you know how to use excel efficiently.
    I just keep track of my scores on a regular excel file, well, actually 5: original, seasons, rio, space and web.

    You might have given me a way to improve my tables (but need time to work on that).
  • @Mpete - Do your average and high scores update from ABN dynamically, or do you have to go in and manually input the current values periodically?
  • yeah at the moment i just load the full lists and copy them as unformatted text (which removes all the links and formatting) then I delete the additional rows for header and footer info and then it's all in order to paste right over the top for averages, top scores etc - takes less than 5 minutes all up.
  • @MPete - Any way you could post on a file upload site (Like RapidShare) a blank version of your spreadsheet? TIA

    [Although my enthusiasm is waning thanks to Space Eagle, I would like to have it for posterity's sake and for what has been released thus far, a small competition between me and my mom - who also refuses to partake in the Space Eagle.]
  • wow those are great scores good job
  • I'm self taught in excel and usually do OK with it but I have a spreadsheet (forgotten which one now) that kept doing that ##### thingy. It drove me insane. I couldn't fix it either and can't remember what I did to make the entry show. I must try and remember to try changing the font if it happens again. So thanks for the info. - especially about being able to cut & paste from here. I haven't made a spreadsheet for AB yet - which is unusual for me - I'm list crazy - make them for everything. You're not a Virgo by any chance are you? Apparently we like things to be in order. Imagine my delight when I discovered the wonderful Leaderboards here at ABN :).
  • I've developed an excel spreadsheet along the same lines as MPete - mine has individual tabs for all AB versions (not facebook or free) which I populate from my ABN leaderboards into a blank tab & then run macros to copy & update the scores. I've also got one master tab which lists all scores, this can be sorted by level, +/- average or high score difference. I've also used formatting for scores which are less than 1750 which is my aim to get all scores to this stage (some are impossible I know!). I also have a summary tab detailing total scores, high scores, rank, achievements & a lot more!!
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