Any way to access old pricing of AB Space eagle?
  • With the Pig Dipper update came a huge pricing change to Space Eagles: a $20 order went from 980 to 200-something uses. I want to get a good amount of space eagles, but the current $20 order seems worthless. Is there any way to access the old 980 unit through iOS?
  • You made me curious, so i just had a look on android. No deal on that platform.
    I first rewound my android version of ab space to 1.3, where the app still promises the better deal. When i clicked on it, however, the google play store said the payment option had expired.
  • Prices are NOT related to version numbers. Prices are set at specific times. Therefore, the current price is the current price, regardless of your app version.
  • Darn it. Guess we'll have to deal with the change then.
  • @AngryBirdsSpaceMaster , the older version DOES still give you a free eagle per day as thanks for visiting.

    Eventually I will unlock those bonus levels for free. (I gladly paid for AB Space and I paid for Danger zone, but I'm not paying an extra twenty buck for this.)
  • No kidding. I want the daily eagle back as well. They've made space eagles horribly overpriced.
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