Something fishy about my scores
  • I just discovered something strange about my higscores in AB original. I have been trying to improve my scores in chronological order on all levels to be above the average in the ABN scoreboard. Thus I have achieved Score Addict on all episodes but Mine and Dine which I'm currently working on. According to ABN scoreboards I should have achieved Score Addict but I didn't get it in Game Center.

    When I checked the scores I had entered and compared them to my app, the scores differed, about ten levels had my previous scores despite the fact that I had improved them and when I checked the total scores on the previous episodes, it didn't correlate with the scores I have entered here.

    Has anyone else experienced this problem and what might be the cause?
  • I don't really understand the issue @tns. Which place has the higher score?
  • Scores that I have set and registered in my scoreboard here has changed back to an earlier lower score in my phone, despite the fact that I have raised my highscores in the game by playing the levels. Almost like some scores haven't been saved on my phone/gamecenter
  • AngryBirdsNest does not automatically update scores. They must be manually entered and updated.
  • @tns -- Your gamecenter scores should agree with your phone, since that is done automatically. The mistake I sometimes make entering scores on ABN leaderboards, is that you need to hit a carriage return or click on another cell so you see the little spinning wheel, or your score will not be saved.
  • Maybe I have been unclear, sorry for that. The problem is that the highscores in my phone have somehow been reset to earlier scores although I have improved them
  • Okay, I thought things were a lot worse but they weren't.

    The problem I encountered was that I had improved my scores on Mine & Dine, entered them here on ABN to keep track of them. Then, when I had reached the Score Addict total score for Mine & Dine according to the scores I had entered here but didnt get the achievement in my phone I checked the scores in my phone and discovered that the scores in my phone had somehow been reset to a previous lower score (I think) on about 10 levels.

    Although I had set new highscores (otherwise I wouldn't have entered them here), somehow they had been erased/reset in my phone.
  • @tns -- Did you ever see the higher scores on your phone after you exited the level? I have sometimes been too impatient for the game to show the stars, and I think if you don't wait, the game may not save your score. For sure if you restart too quickly (as in you're trying to do even better) you will lose the score.
    In any case, if you think it is not user error, but a real glitch in the game, you could try sending Rovio support as much detail as you can about what happened.
    May not make you feel much better, but several people on the nest have lost all their scores when they updated or their device died. You might want to read the tutorial on backing up your device.
  • I don't really know what went wrong so I just tried to raise my lost highscores again, don't know if my new ones are higher or lower than the ones I entered at first but I reached my goal to be above avarage on all levels and I wasn't anywhere near top scores (and might never be) so it doesn't matter that much. Most important thing was that only ten highscores were lost and not all of them :)

    Thanks for all the help however. Now I'm gonna get back to working on my Bad Piggies highscores (The AB episode)
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