Secrets of Angry Birds Revisited
  • I've been going back to improve old scores.

    What I've found as a common thread to improving scores boils down to one sentence: You have to make perfect shot(s) multiple times each reset because the reset is very slightly different.

    This means that when you think you have the answer for a high/competitive score, you probably do. You then have to do the shot(s) over and over, to perfection, with the variable being the reset. At some point, the stars align and everything falls where it should.

    I say this based on levels where you start out with a red bird with no variables of bomb release, no point of high speed flight, no manual detonation, etc. Just a bird flying an arc. You can replicate that exact flight path each time and have completely different results. Resets become more variable the taller the structure(s).

    Study the videos and discussions. There are some very good ones. But extremely rarely, like 1% of the time, do I read something of oh! Never thought about that! In truth there is only one level in all the games that comes to mind. It was on Rio. And started with a YB on a long shot to a high platform, making the coconuts pool for max points.

    When you think you've got the shot combo, you've got to make those perfect shots over and over, to account for the variables of the reset. Sooner or later with repeated perfect shots, the reset will be just right allowing for top scores.

    That's my take on the AB secrets.

    Tons of scores are truly astounding. I've spent days on one level or another and still can't get close. It's probably me....not being able to string together reset after reset those perfect shots.

  • @elcapitan -- I agree with you partly. Part of the problem is that there isn't enough screen resolution to repeat exactly the same shot time after time, no matter how good you are. There are some levels on which you apparently need to be accurate to within a pixel. However, there are a lot on which that degree of accuracy is not required.
    On the other hand, we know that there are variations from restart to restart and from one device and operating system to another. You might be interested in the discussion in the forum on self-destroying levels.
  • @elcapitan-- I agree with @mvnla2. Some, I call them sweet spots, are one and two pixels wide. I don't care how good you think you are at repeating shots, you're not that good. Finding the sweet spot is hard. Rinse and repeat with perfection is harder.
    I like the concept @asher talks about in the ABO leaderboard forum. He uses a large HD touch screen monitor and designates the sweet spot with his mouse and leaves it there. He then uses the touch screen for reset, fling and activation. Now that's a repeatable shot. His scores prove he may be on to something. Makes me want to run out and upgrade. LOL
    Old, fat finger flingers like me will soon be a thing of the past. So sayeth the Rat.
  • The HD thing has value, no doubt. Larger screen also has value. This little iPhone is tough on the eyes. Using the mouse as @asher discussed would be amazing an would really cut down on the amount of time it takes for that perfect shot.

    Having said all that, I still believe the reset plays a part. Granted...maybe since I've never been on a larger screen with HD, I might sing a Different tune.

    There was a level on Space that was the only level ever ever that gave consistently the same results. Everyone was stuck at 24.6k. Each and every time. It was amazing the consistency. You could do 20 shots in a row with every shot being the exact same. Then someone said how to do a partial power shot at some asteroid and bumped a lot of people up to 25k.

    That was the only level I ever knew with the exact same shot yielding the exact same results every time.

    I understand what y'all are saying about size and resolution. Not having either of those, the resets have been my only solution to wha is going on. Maybe my, "exact same shots", are not as exact as I think.
  • @elcapitan -- I gave up playing on my iPhone years ago; just couldn't be accurate enough. There are a few stubborn levels that I'm about desperate enough to figure out how to display the game on our HD TV.
    BTW -- I agree that there are many levels on which differences from restart to restart make a huge difference. Have you looked at the forum on self-destroying levels yet?
  • Has anyone ever paid attention to the slingshot? You don't always get the same speed - even with a full pull. Every once in a great while you get a bird flying so fast off the slingshot it makes you wonder what happened to trigger that. It's almost like shooting red, but with the yellow speed-up activated!
  • @Xanadude -- No, I've never noticed that! What platform, game, version and level have you seen this on? As much info as you can give would be interesting.
  • @xanadude...never saw that.

    @mvnla2. Yes. Have seen the self destruct levels discussion that you have hosted. Maybe the problem is the iPhone. Too small.

    I do feel that the resets play a part. I do feel that I can be fairly accurate and have repeatability. I do question the resets. If repeating the exact same shot is something that can't be seen, I feel that it logically follows that on reset, with often hundreds of pieces being reset, that the resets aren't the same. Allowing for a extremely minute difference from reset to reset which also can't be seen.

    I think we all agree that on numerous levels, resets are different. On some levels, not as crucial as other levels.

    I also agree that the HD and larger screen helps.

    It's logical that its a combo of both. If making the exact same shot is so difficult, that is brought into question with the space level (Eggsteroids #6) with everyone stuck at 24.6k, that exact same shots are repeatable, even on an iPhone. Just more difficult.

    I've spent as I said sometimes days on one level, trying for top scores. Or top 100 at least. I feel many times hit the sweet spot exact same shot with different results. Just 1000's of shots. And my conclusion was the resets. And you gotta fling those exact perfect shots a number of times until the reset is just right. Easier to do with bigger screen and HD. Therefore shorter amount of time invested.

  • @elcapitan -- I think we are in violent agreement. I do think you would enjoy playing on a larger screen more. Also, I use a stylus. The advantage is that it allows more accurate repetition. The disadvantage is that it doesn't give the same random variation in starting point as even a fairly slim finger.
  • @mvnla2--I'm always amazed at the accuracy of my big fat thumb. I'm not trying to be funny here. I'm really amazed that I can get repeatable shots fairly accurately with this monster thumb of mine. How does that work? I'm still a believer in pixel accuracy over reset.
  • @Rat -- Is there something weird about your big fat thumb? I can't imaging getting any kind of accuracy from my relatively dainty thumb. Was bad enough with my forefinger.
  • If there's anything I KNOW for SURE about AB beyond any speculation of doubt:

    If I upgraded to an HD large screen just to play AB, my wife would shoot me dead where I stand. Then pump another round just to make sure! She HATES AB!! And hate is a strong word!
  • @elcapitan -- Are you talking about a high resolution tablet or an HD TV? For an HD TV you could use the argument that watching movies at home will be much more enjoyable, and an HD tablet will allow you to watch a movie of your choice on plane trips, not to mention read books and access internet while on vacation. My standard choice of electronics for vacation is my iPhone and my iPad.
  • We have all manner of HD devices in the house. Probably about 8 of them between plasmas, iPads, laptops and phones.

    If she caught me retooling ANYTHING... with the intention of AB play, I'd be afraid to sleep at night. She's from Brazil and can be quite passionate of things she loves and hates.

    That's ok. I prevent total emasculation with car racing. She likes race days. But hates AB with a passion.
  • Here's another possibility:

    How close is your finger/stylus to the slingshot when you release?

    Being further back can aid in a more precise fling. Just don't drag too far left where your finger leaves the play area. I've blown many rounds doing that after a decent first shot.

    It's possible that being farther back can still vary the angle despite the appearance of no movement of your bird prior to release. Pixels are only a graphic representation of what goes on behind the scenes. That is what makes me want a stylus that is more like a fine point pen vs. a fat marker.

    With the computer I use at work you can tap the screen with a pen and it will register where it it touched.

  • @Xanadude -- I always pull as far back as I can if there is a reference in the background. I am usually too lazy to use a sticky to mark the screen, which I guess some people do all the time.
    My understanding is that the touch screens used on mobile devices don't allow a really fine point stylus to register. I use a stylus with the finest point I could find, which is not all that fine.
  • @mvnla2--Stickys. That's old school. I use an Articulable Grapics app. You can overlay the screen with all sorts of rays, segments, graphs and reference points to make your shots more repeatable. Then you can get away with having a big fat thumb.
  • @rat -- Is this for real? What is the name of the app, and which platform is it on? Or are you just succeeding in pulling my leg?
  • @all--How many gullible people Googled Articulable Graphics app? Be honest now.
  • @rat9 -- You know I've confessed to being on your gullible list.
    It would be a really neat app though, and might even be possible.
  • @mvnla2--I wouldn't be surprised. It would definitely be a hit with AB fans. Let me know if you find one. Just not on the first of April. I might not believe you.
  • I'm not the one that pulls April Fools jokes in August!
  • @mvnla2--All kidding aside, I do occasionally use a Bic "Mark It" fine point permanent marker. The dot will stay until you wash it or flick it off with a fingernail. A lot quicker than lining up a sticky. And you can go play other levels without it getting in the way but can return and still have the shot lined up. I remember thinking my iPad had freckles once after playing a series of hard levels.
  • @rat. That was really funny. Was waiting for your response of this app so I too didn't look gullible. Articulable Graphics. Now that's some funny stuff right there.
  • I've been known to hook the ipad into an HD monitor when I'm having a hard time seeing the screen well enough to get repeatable results. Never thought of using sticky notes or markers to help, though. I'll have to give that a shot.
  • @rat9, all -- I'm thinking there is a real app out there that does what Rat9's Articulable Graphics does. Might only be for PC, though. Will let you know if I find it (maybe). Not sure PC users need any additional advantage.
  • I've just discovered this forum..very interesting points made I'll have to read Up..but i did notice @Xanadude Yes!! You don't always get the same force/speed off the slingshot
    I know once @surfcow had mentioned also that every reset the structure us not exactly the same..
    Thanks for the forum @eclapitan :)
  • Still searching for the equivalent of the Articulable Graphics app. There should be one. E-mailed Rhett Allain, who uses Tracer, which doe something similar, but you need a video, which kinda spoils the usefulness. Will let everyone know (maybe) if I find one. I don't think @rat9 needs any help.
  • @elcaptain when did she chop your balls off?
  • doesn't the structures move and sway EVER SO SLIGHTLY (maybe only a pixel) on a bunch of levels??.... i think that right there would be enough to foil an attempt of repeating a shot, even if you shoot from the exact place,

    As long as we are passing out secrets, most may know this, but to aim in angry birds space from a phone you can pull the bird back, hold the flinger finger down on the screen and then zoom in and out using the finger from your other hand.... it is a LOT more controllable that way.... anyhow good luck
  • @misspiggie. Lol! Probably day one of our marriage! Brasilians aren't know for compromise. :) There's an old country and western song: marry an ugly woman and you'll be happy the rest of your life. Beautiful women are a pain in the arse!

    Anyway, back to the thread. Case in point:

    AB. Danger Above. Level 6-2. A simple red bird. No bomb release. Just a bird flying an arc. Been going back for better scores. I had this dialed in EXACT for the one birder. Knew precisely where to fling the bird referencing some minute leaves in the background. Worked half the day on and off on it.

    This morning, ever the glutton for punishment, went back to it. Hit the sweet spot from the previous day numerous times. Nothing. Then aimed about 1/16th of an inch to the left.... A HUGE difference in this game for aiming. The one bird happens. Do it again. Happens again same spot. Without a doubt, no question with the hundreds of shots yesterday, this shot this morning would have not resulted in a one bird shot yesterday. Impossible yesterday.

    What I've repeatedly noticed is that if you let the level go to the point of tabulation, with the stars popping up, the deck is now reshuffled. Shots are different. You let it register your new personal best score, then go back, and things are different. You gotta dial in the shot again.

    If you don't let it register your score and reset, it seems that the shots are fairly much the same. I say fairly because I'm not totally convinced that reset to reset without letting your score register is EXACTLY the same. But it does seem more apparent that in letting the score register, it is different.

    I still challenge the resets in general. But am noticing it appears more apparent if you let the scores register. The reset after the score register is noticeably different. You have to find the sweet spot all over again.
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