How do you find and collect the feathers in Angry Birds?
  • I cannot work out how to collect the feathers in Angry Birds. For example on Angry Birds Poached Eggs there are 63 feathers. How do you get these feathers?
  • So you BUY the game... get 3 stars in every level... then must BUY AN ADD-ON!?!?!! Greed and avarice surely runs the game-creator mindset. Boooo Hissss to you! What a group of greedy money-grubbers!!!!
  • I completely disagree. Yes, you pay an additional 99¢ to double the size of the game. Sounds completely fair to me.
  • I agree with Slim - yes, you have to pay another dollar, but for such a fun filled game a dollar isn't much. Plus, most other worthwhile games cost AT LEAST $50. I don't personally have a problem with spending $2 if it means I get so much enjoyment.
  • I second (third?) what Slim said -- $1.98 (for iOS) is an incredible bargain. Greed would have been if they had charged us for each newly-released level (If I ran Rovio, you can bet that would have been on my list of possible revenue streams), and on second thought, I'm not even sure if that could have fairly been called greed, either. $1.98 has given me hundreds of hours of entertainment, and in my opinion is one of the best gaming bargains around.
  • Thanks Chaos, I totally agree.
  • I paid 5 bucks in angry birds HD and an additional mighty eagle for another dollar?
    HD does cost more money.
  • True, but the AB tablet experience is really worth it.
    and it's still a very good bargain :)
  • yeah, as a fan of angry birds, this is surly worthy it. great deal.
  • But you have to pay .99 everytime you use the eagle so in order to get all the feathers in one level you will spend $63 a 9 year old made this game and gave it to the company selling it and they are going to charge .99 for each eagle level you buy?
  • @jojo That's not correct. The Mighty Eagle is a 1-time purchase for each app.

    If you buy the Mighty Eagle in the original Angry Birds, it is $0.99 and you can use it in however many levels you want. The only restriction is: You may only use the Mighty Eagle once per hour if you use it to skip a level.
  • I can't believe anyone is complaining about a $.99 add-on to a game which costs $.99. I bet you pay $50/month for cable and sit through a hundred commercials per day without posting nasty comments about Time/Warner. Either that or you are just a troll and got me ;)
  • collect 20 cans for a 5-cent refund (only applies in some states) and you'll get a free Mighty Eagle. lol
  • you get change back too ... ;-)
  • @synthemesc, or if he comes to Michigan, it would be only 10 cans, we have a 10-cent deposit here. He would only have to do half the work to get double the game.
  • i bought the mighty bird, but never received it, ??? any fix?

  • posting the same question again won't get you help faster ;)
    Did you try what Slim suggested on your other post?
  • I agree with Ihatesignups it is kind of ridiculous
  • Then don't buy it. No one is making you.
  • What's more greedy, having to charge someone for a product that u made to make some money to earn a living or to want everything for free?
  • That's the world we live in these days. Most will turn down a $10 an hour job because they think they should be making more. It's sad when people would rather make no money than anything a all. These are the people complaining about a dollar. I would rather spend a dollar on the game which I can replay and also know that Rovio won't leave me hanging and will keep sending me updates. Rather than a $3-4 coffee, $2 soda, or $1 candy bar.
  • I am against feathers! I play the game to make my own achievement, having a way to get the highest possible score for a dollar is an insult to the purists. What's my motivation to continue to play when my score means nothing!
  • @webbdwebber, collecting feathers is completely different from getting high scores. ME is one of the coolest feature in AB games when yuo use him for making total destruction. Passing level with ME don't give any score nor stars.
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