Angry Birds & Bad Piggies spin-offs ideas...
  • I think it's too early to think about it, because the first Angry Birds movie will be out in 2016. But I was thinking about pigs and birds cooperating to get rid of a new enemy. Or a new movie about ABToons, like many TV (or WEB TV) series have movies that are actually the finale of the TV series.
  • Angry Birds Avengers may be great spin-off.
  • I saw a kid wearing AB superheroes t-shirt (like red=flash, bomb=batman). seems not official from Rovio
  • I've got a picture like that in my album, @birds:)
  • I've been thinking the following ideas for AB crossover games (not all come in movie form, though):

    Lord of the Rings
    DC superheroes
    Disney universe
    Dragon Ball Z
    Harry Potter
    Hello Kitty
    Indiana Jones
    Looney Tunes
    Marvel superheroes
    Pirates of the Caribbean
    Pixar movies
    Power Rangers
    Sonic the Hedgehog
    Star Trek
  • Madagasgar is a good idea.
  • Rovio might be done with AB games for awhile, or at least the spin-offs. What I mean is, they might not make as many AB games (or at least not slingshot games, e.g. Bad Piggies) and more of the other games (AA, the Croods, etc.). They already have 5 AB games, you know.
  • Somehow they need to do more AB spinoffs. The market may be huge but it's finite. Each of the five existing AB games (six if you count Bad Piggies) have reached/will reach market saturation and that's where Rovio needs to add more to its franchise even if they don't bank on it to be more popular than the original.

    Oh yeah, perhaps it's time for a 3D graphics Angry Birds...
  • @burungerbang you just gave me an idea! They should make a three-dimensional AB game!
  • Tom and Jerry! :D
  • Wow. You guys have pretty much exhausted all the good movies. However, there could be Bad Piggies spin-offs too...
  • They should do a Bad Piggies Space.
  • The Miami Hurricanes!
    Why? Because of the Canes' mascot: Sebastian!
    Maybe they cold somehow turn Sebastian into a round bird like the Flock. It should be something like AB Philadelphia Eagles. Remember that game?
    If all else fails, add Ray-man and/or Little Big Planet. Or even Slender-Man!
  • How about minecraft?
  • Or a mighty eagle solo?
  • Perhaps you should drop 'movie' from the thread title and open up to non-movie franchises like games, cartoons/anime and so on.
  • Bad piggies space would be great!
  • I wonder what the gameplay would be???
  • Probably going into gravity fields and maybe 0 gravity too... It could be hard if you had to use firecrackers and stuff with no gravity...
  • The Walking dead AB, maybe? I could definitely see a Harry potter. I love those books!
  • You forgot to include Lego which I mentioned in my original list. I mean, look at Lego now. Not only there are Lego brick sets featuring Star Wars, DC/Marvel superheroes, Harry Potter, LOTR and POTC but also Lego videogames. Lego Angry Birds sounds cool in both media.

    Let me add Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, SpongeBob SquarePants and Ben 10 into the list. Lego's crossover library is a good guide for AB crossover ideas.
  • I really like if there's be Bad Piggies seasons and one based on the movie, Bad Piggies Star Trek . . .
  • Or Bad Piggies DC Supervillains/Marvel Supervillains! :D
  • Wow @burungberang, you have so much imagination =O
  • I do think that AB/BP 3D is the next logical step. It continued the Worms franchise for some time, and there are a LOT of similarities between AB and Worms IMO.

    However, I am also liking the idea of Lego :D
  • What about Angry Birds ABN? You could log in with your AngryBirdsNest account, your highscores will be automaticlly loaded and you could post stuff while playing. Improbable, but awesome.
  • @AngerManagement - I am very flattered that you have given me credit for the 3D idea, but really that honour should go to @burungberang, I was just commenting on his idea.
  • Didn't notice that, @cmdrbond, thanks;) Sorry, @burungberang;) Angry Birds ABN, @fooly8, not really a spin-off, but a fantasamagorically brilliant idea none the less;D
  • How about a game where the birds travel to the future?
  • Wooow, @badpigx3, a futuristic AB game is a great idea, you have just made me think of a new idea; Angry Birds Back to the Future:D
  • Powerups for AngryBirds ABN: The Bloated Pig, BirdMan and Rain of Birds
  • I think they should do one with just the mighty eagle, but also space Eagle, Falcon, and an idea of my own, the eagle egg.
  • Here is my suggestion for a spin off

    Classic Arcade.

    These could be individually released or grouped together and could include versions of

    Pac Man, Break Out, Bubble Pop, Tetris, Mix & Match (like Bejewelled or Candy Crush) etc...

    Obviously the main feature here is swapping out the "blocks" for birds and pigs, BUT giving the classics a slight twist.

    For example the slow march of a line of pigs backwards and forwards across the screen a la Space Invaders could be countered with a slingshot, the birds and their powers
  • They pretty much did that in ABSp. I like the 3D idea, or harry potter.
  • @theanonymoussomeone - not quite. The special levels in AB:Sp were still effectively just an AB level. I am thinking something more along the lines of the classic arcade game, but with AB Branding.
  • Oh yeah can you please correct the "DC" to "DC Supervillains" under Bad Piggies so it'd be better understood?

    Speaking about classic arcades... I believe a Super Mario or Sonic crossover is the best of all. Not just the characters but also elements from Mario and Sonic gameplay... imagine a bird going through a row of rainbow rings and doing a combo trick, or hitting a ?-block to earn a power-up, with a mission to save the classic videogame heroes from being captured by Bowser or Eggman who join forces with the Bad Piggies tribe. Imagine roboticized Badnik pigs, or pigs with wings like the Paragoombas and Paratroopas. Mario/Sonic characters can be unlockable as the game progresses so they can try out the slingshot once in a while.

    From now on let us all try to justify our spinoff ideas with brief explanations on how elements of the spinoff idea would blend well with the AB gameplay...
  • @burunberang, corrected:) Great ideas by the way;)
  • Oh yeah, add Disney Villains as well (under Bad Piggies). Imagine King Pig as Hades or Jafar or even Ursula... with Minion Pigs as their respective minions (Wait. Iago is a bird right? Is Rovio OK with bad birdies once in a while?)
  • Who agrees with this lineup?

    Angry Birds DC Superheroes
    *Red - Superman
    *Stella (Pink) - Wonder Woman
    *Bomb - Batman
    *Bubbles (Orange) - Robin
    *Chuck - The Flash
    *The Blues - Green Lantern (there's more than one serving at a same time, it's a corps)
    *Hal (Boomerang) - Green Arrow

    Angry Birds Marvel Superheroes
    *Red - Spider-Man
    *Terence - Hulk
    *Chuck - Thor
    *Bomb - Iron Man
    *The Blues - Captain America
    matching each Bird with its appropriate Marvel Superhero is so much harder.
  • Oh yeah I'd like a Bad Piggies Temple Run crossover - imagine Freckled Pig hopping away with an egg from the ferocious flock, having to turn, jump and slide almost endlessly through ... his own fort? Till he runs into a wall or a ditch. Bad Piggies always lose but never give up. :P

    Anyway why is my Angry Birds Marvel Superheroes idea under the Bad Piggies header?
  • Angry Bands:
    After the Band manager Piggies steal the Contracts, Mark Wing, Derek Birdmen, and the rest of the flock have to Divebomb their Toilet Paper Roll Fortresses in the Streets of Downtown Seattle.

    Stuck on a tricky level? Out of Levels to play? Then call in the "Head" Of the Flock! (A giant floating head)

    Use power-ups to Pop Those Pigs! Call in Father John Misty, (Samba burst) Arm yourself with the Bass Bash (Luke's Lightsaber From SW), Power up with the Guitar sling (King Sling), or add Punky to your Aresenal (Wingman) to Rip apart those Toilet Paper Forts of the Piggies!
  • I'm surprised nobody mentioned Terminator! They could call it PIGinator.

    I'll be (snort) back!
  • Monty Python's Flying Circus!

    I have an AB version on my cell phone where the background music is the theme song, but It'd be really cool if it could be used here too, along with their silliness. They could write levels in accordance with the movies!

    The Blues Brothers
    Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory (sorry, not the Charlie version)
  • @AngerManagement Why not my Angry Birds: Nest Idea?
  • It would actually be a cool idea on that Bad Piggies Seasons idea…
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