• Where are all the new updates?????? I feel like its been forever since we saw teases of new Rio and Bad Piggies updates but yet another Thursday is here and we don't have em. Hopefully they are cooking up something good.
  • @lostgreybird -- I feel exactly the same way, so I checked the update log. The truth is that Rovio has been spoiling us big time. There were 2 releases in Jan (for IOS). The most recent was 1/31; so it hasn't even been a month! And of course, I am definitely not counting any of the Facebook or other on-line games.
    I'm working on getting above average (or staying above) on all levels; so there lots of older levels to work on. I also probably have enough SEs and MFs to give those a go in Space and SW.
  • The Rio release will not likely be any time soon. That was not teased; it was uncovered via data files.
  • Yeah. I've finished EVERYTHING, stars, mighty eagle and all and I have nothing to do. And the anticipation of this Bad Piggies update is killing me. However, I think I can confirm the Road Hogs release date. Someone tweeted bad piggies asking if the update would be Thursday (today), and they replied saying that they couldn't promise that (evidently) and that it might not even be on a Thursday. This means it could be one of those rare Tuesday updates. That's just what I think though.
  • @lostgreybird
    Yes the Rio Update needs a really Long time :-(
  • ^^ see above ^^
  • I was thinking this today as well and hoping we would see an update but it didn't happen! I think the Bad Piggies update will be next. Fingers crossed for next week...
  • I'm also curious about Seasons. We didn't get any Chinese New Year or Valentines. Wondering if they have something for St. Patrick's Day or maybe Holi?
  • What is Holi?
  • As an Indian myself, Holi is the Indian festival of colours. Powedered colours are thrown on people and mostly it's also played with water too.
  • When is that?
  • @iamighty that's really interesting and might be good for game.
  • I looked on Wikipedia and it says it is march 27. Hope it will be the next episode!
  • @bad piggies it can be the Holi festival or the world theatre day update !! I don't know if this fake or not, we will see it on march 27
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