Purchase of additional Falcons?
  • So.... I finished off all parts of Star Wars except for destruction of all levels through the Falcon. My question for those who have finished if off: is it worth it? I have 34 of 35 achievements and missing that last one really bugs me (it is the only achievement I am missing across all iOS AB games), but so far, I just cannot justify spending $19.99 just to complete this one achievement.

    I have read through other comments that most levels can simply be wiped out using two Falcons -- is that true? Is there any skill involved at all? Is it even any fun to play for total destruction? For me, the learning curve has been pretty steep with using the Falcon -- I only wiped out 14 levels with the free ones provided in the game. My fear is that purchasing 225 would barely be enough to wipe out the remaining 100+ levels, much less leave enough to cover Hoth and other future releases.

    I was angry about the pricing scheme of the space eagle in AB Space, but after they started releasing a free space eagle per day, I did what I said I would not do and went ahead and purchased some to complete the game. So far, I have been able to collect enough free Space Eagles to keep up and complete new levels as they are released. Even so, I find myself hating that part of the game -- I just cannot shake the feeling that I am being fleeced every time I throw out a Space Eagle. Seems like this feeling would be even worse with Star Wars since no free daily Falcon exists (yet).

    So... skip it or suck it up and pay through the nose? Thoughts?

  • you're right @chaostsar

    Yes it's right that you can finish Most Levels with 1 or 2 Falcons. But it isn't much Fun for me playing with Falcons and Space Eagles because it isn't hard work and it cost extra money. In Original, Seasons and Rio it is really Fun to Play cause you have only One Mighty Eagle per Level and some Levels are really hard work to finish the Total Destruction. It's my opinion but i think many users share the same opinion like me :-)

    So hopefully ROVIO will Not go a step to far with the Eagles. It's nearly the same shame like the Power Ups in Original :-(
  • I enjoy using the Falcon, but the price is very high, especially if you compare to Space.
  • Yes Slim right. I would prefer it like the normal Mighty Eagles. Pay once 0,89 Cents and unlimited Eagles. That's ok !!!
  • i like the eagle, but it isn't worth the price, i don't think it's right to charge people to pay for ME's since it's part of the game, wish it was just one payment for unlimited
  • What I've been disappointed with the Falcons is that they are very very hard to get used to. In Space the Eagle was pretty easy to figure out how to use it and where to place. The fact that the Falcon shoots lasers in a circular manner with gaps between shots makes it so hard for me to use one & feel really confident about my placement. For this reason I've decided to not spend the money this time around because I don't feel confident enough using them and feel like Ill end up spending too much money for more over time.

    It's too bad too cause I'm a wicked completionist and with finally coming to terms that I may never complete all Total Destruction I have become less in to AB/Rovio. This was the first week that I didn't feel the "need" to do the weekly Facebook levels and their weekly Amazing Alex levels.
  • @angryperson yes the Price is to High. But is also like @chaostsar said. If you want to collect all Arch's you Need them. And the Startcollection (for more than 120 Levels) of the Falcons wasn't very much so you have to buy them !!!
  • @lostgreybird -- I get what you are saying completely. I almost did not buy Star Wars because of their pricing of the Falcons. Although I am ultimately glad that I purchased the app (the game play is different enough to keep it entertaining), I am still very disappointed that Rovio has chosen to keep this pricing structure. It certainly dampens my enthusiasm for the game and has definitely kept me from buying any of their non-AB games (no Amazing Alex or Bad Piggies for me) -- just as my objections to power-ups keeps me from playing the Facebook levels (well, that and my loathing of all that is Facebook).

    I was hoping that the thread on objections to the Space Eagle pricing would sway Rovio, but it appears that $$ has won out. I sincerely hope this is not the beginning of the Zyngafication of Rovio.
  • @chaostsar yes it does not matter for ROVIO. I also hoped for a changing for Power Ups Scores for ABO. My Thread (For or against power ups) shows very much opinions from users about it but nothing els was changed!!!
  • How many MEs did we get for completing all of ABSW including PotJ? Must have been ~65? I just got TD on the first 10 levels of Tatooine and am down to 52. I think I only used more than 1 on 2 - 3 levels, so 65 would make sense.
    I am using the walkthrough videos to avoid wasting too many MEs, 'cause I don't want to pay for them. Looked at all videos in Tatooine. I think there is only 1 level (1-40) that requires an extra bird (Obi Wan) -- not positive, since I played the first few a while ago.
    I suppose it's nice that you can get TD on your first try, but it's not very interesting. Of course, it would be much more interesting (and expensive) to figure out where to send without looking at walkthrough.
    The placement of the homing beacon needs to be very accurate at least on some levels, but TD is frequently 100% with a lot left on screen.
    Not sure how many more I will try.
  • I haven't bought any yet, I used the walkthroughs and still was only able to get TD on 29 levels in Tatooine. I used all the free ones in Space to "feel it out" and decided to buy more. I didn't use any free ones until I got them all and then went after TD. I couldn't believe I was only able to TD 29 levels with 65 Falcons.
  • I think it stinks. Rovio is CRAZY if they think the AB fans will pay these ridiculous prices for one time use eagles. I wish that they would change it to a one time unlimited use just like it is in the other AB games. But the sad fact is they won't. So we better just get use to playing AB space and AB Star Wars as if they had no eagle function at all. Don't get me started on bad piggies 2.99 for one level. I mean come on....really?
  • @josephstrate -- Yeah, and I don't even think Bad Piggies is all that interesting.
  • @josephstrate - precisely why I did not purchase Bad Piggies. For me, decisions like the $19.99 Falcon / Space Eagle have lowered my opinion of Rovio and their games. My only hope is that enough people feel the way I do to send a message, but I fear that the majority of people either don't care or will simply buy the $19.99 pack, essentially financially negating any objections I or people like me may have.

    Oh well, off to play carmageddon.
  • With all the criticism that Rovio got about the Space Eagle when ABSp first came out until now, nothing has change about the pricing, i dont think anything would also change for the Mighty Falcon. Given that fact, I think it would be nice if after achieving total destruction on a level, we can replay it and use the space eagle or mighty falcon in unlimited quantity...
  • @ChaosTsar -- Is there a game called carmageddon? I live in LA, so we sometimes have the real thing.
  • @mvnla2 -- Yes! It was free a month or so ago and I snatched it up. Cool game if you like running over pedestrians and smashing competitors. :)
  • @ChaosTsar -- Doesn't sound much like the real thing. Although I've sometimes felt like driving over the cars in front of me.
  • @mvnla2 - I know a lot about LA and carmageddon, (I grew up in Downey near I-5/I-605) and I can positively state that even in LA, I haven't found anyone crazy enough try play chicken with me on the freeway. A two ton car vs. a 40 ton rig - not too hard to predict the winner!
  • Lets start a potision to present to Rovio.
    Post your electronic signature...
    Meaning your twitter,email,gaming name,or whatever you want to signify a customer that wants change.
    To show how strongly we feel about this price gouging eagle situation.

    LET'S GET ANGRY!!!!!
  • @josephstrate -- Do you mean change this forum into a petition? FYI, there are some Rovio employees who keep up with comments on this site. Anyway, glad to support the effort.
  • @josephstrate - I would if I thought it had any chance of success, but I consider that unlikely...
  • After trying desperately to gain confidence in my placement of the Falcons it is clear that unless I use the walkthroughs it will be impossible for me to complete these levels. The walkthroughs must have set someone back some $$$! I am a completion junky but not at the risk of losing my home through a second mortgage. There are some things that are not worth the cash and this one.
  • I caved and purchased the $9.99 bundle and never received the credits! I filed multiple complaints and have yet to get a response from Rovio. Beware!
  • @avogel I think you may have more success contacting your app store, since they can log whether the purchase went through or not. As far as I know, yours is a very isolated incident and should not be perceived as a threat.
  • If Rovio wants to keep their pricing structure that's fine but what I think they have to evaluate is the difficulty of using the Falcon.

    I played through Space & used all the free Eagles. I thought the Eagle was easy to get the hang of so I felt that the number of free ones I got let me get the hang of it. Because of this I had no ill feelings about paying up cause I felt good about the purchase.

    After playing through all the levels and using up all my Falcons I am still not very confident in using them making any purchase from here on out hard for me.

    I think that Rovio's best option here is to give away more than usual with the next update. If they do that and we are all able to get the hang of them we will be much more likely to buy them to finish the levels off. Rovio would make more money in the process this way.
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