Posting Scores
  • I pull up the ap angry birds and No where do I see a place to register my scores. I have looked many times and tried everything. I gotta be doing something wrong or misunderstanding something. I want to post my scores just to see where I stand.
    Someone please help and since I am new at this stuff be exact and specific where to go and how to post

    Thank you very much
    Big Guy
  • The leaderboard is on Angry Birds Nest, not part of the AB app. Look under the gold bar at the top of the ABN page. Try reading About/FAQs (also on gold bar) if you are new to the site.
  • I think I know what is confusing him as it did me too when I first landed a couple weeks ago.

    I f you just go to the leaderboards, you can see results but you cannot post your scores. You have to click on "Your Leaderboards" in order to post scores.

    I hope this helps.
  • @BPC That's not true. On the general leaderboard, the "Your Score" column is on the right side.
  • Thanks slim, I didn't see that!

    I'll bud out now :)
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