• Someone told me there was someplace where I could register my high scores...I must admit I have beaten every board and level of Angry Birds available on Man os x and my scores are impressive. Let me know how to register these and maybe there are some scores I can aim at.

    Thanks for your help

  • Welcome @bigguy! You can register your scores by clicking on Leaderboards and choose any edition(Space, Rio, Original, Seasons) and going in any specific episode say Poached Eggs. You will see a box saying 'Enter your scores here' and enter them there.

    Happy Flinging!
  • I would be wary of saying "my scores are impressive" on here. I thought I'd done great with mine til I started posting them and matching up against ungodly averages xD Even if you get some high scores, there's always going to be something to aim at.

  • Hi,

    Also welcome here on NEST :-)
  • Hey IamMighty Cannot find leaderboards on any of the boards also no "enter your scores here. What am I missing?
  • Welcome to ABN @bigguy :)
  • Do you see the header which says ABN? Below that there is a gold coloured bar which has many options there. One of them is leaderboards. Click there.
  • Welcome to ABN @Bigguy ^.^
  • Thanks iamMighty got it. Also thanks to all who welcomed me. If I can ever be of assistance to anyone...Please let me know. It would be a pleasure. You all seem like a lot of good birds. Something you don't find much on discussion boards anymore.

    Again thanks
  • @Bigguy Be sure to visit the bloated pig ^.^
  • @bigguy -- If you do have some impressive scores, please help the nest by posting your strats on the walkthrough pages. Also check out FAQs, glossary, badges, and rank under About. In fact, browsing through the entire gold bar is a good intro to what's available here. Oh, yes, welcome, and good flinging!
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