Vote now! New Badge Score Addict Utopia!?
  • Hi,
    @Admins @allUsers

    I want to Start a Vote for New Badge Score Addict Utopia. Maybe the Admins will add a New Badge!?

    Please vote yes or no!!
  • Yes!
    (I was thinking the same thing when I went to sleep last night.)
  • Heck no!!! There is already a DZ badge. No way this will happen. Ridiculous.
  • but its so hard to get utopia
  • It's unnecessary to have two badges. There is already a badge exactly like this one were talking about. No need for a second.
  • I am going to say no...for now. Give it four weeks from the release date, then if less than say 50 people have achieved the target score, I would consider making it a new badge.
  • I think I agree with Burbman -- Lots of people eventually got DZ score addict. The Utopia update was just released last Thurs. I know it seems a LOT longer ago than that.
  • my $0.02- I like the idea,but agree with Burbman and mvnla2. Waiting a few weeks to see how the overall scores look seems like a good plan.
    I don't play on any iOs device, so I don't know if there is an achievement similar on Game Center; is there?
  • not needed, utopia is not very difficult.. I mean I started the levels (all of them) 3 days ago, I got the score addict this morning, by being a bit better than average in most
  • I dont say Badge now at the moment but in a several Time it would be acceptable :-)
  • @MorphTactic -- If you think Utopia is so easy, I hope you left plenty of tips for the rest of us. I'm now trying to get above average on all, and not finding it that easy.
  • Yes @mvnla2 you are right. I played many hours to get over average in the New Levels. So you would also say yes for Badge?
  • @SuperMadBlueBird You had your vote. Your recent comments will be removed.
  • I'd vote no. I just tried to beat the average scores and I got the score addict achievement. This is not the same as with Danger Addict -- I beat the averages for than and still had about 100K to go -- now that one was hard.
  • I vote no.

    There are plenty of different episodes that also have a "Score Addict" listing at the bottom of your leaderboard, should we get a badge for all of those also? DZ was different, There were quite a few very good players talking about how difficult it was. And to a degree, even Rovio conceeded that it was for only the serious players by making it the first Angry Birds version/update for Andriod that was not free. So that only the serious birders would purchase it.
  • Offering this data for consideration in support of no new badge. Of course, it's data, so it can be used by either side of the argument.
    I just squeaked by above the min for score addict (3451570) yesterday. My current rank is 93, but there are actually 99 people who are at 3450000 or above. I am still below average on 8 levels, most notably 4-28. The total of my below-average scores is almost 7.9K. However, the total average score, currently 3,373,650, is below the score addict min, and my total score is almost 78K above the total average. I do have one top score, and used to have a couple in more in the top 10.
  • I have to say no to this as well. Having spent some time improving my scores, I have reached score addict, while my score remains below average on several levels. Having slogged my way through Danger Zone, I can tell you it was a whole lot more difficult to get score addict on that world.
    Actually I think I had a harder time getting score addict on Danger Above than on Utopia :)
  • @karen68, et al... Lets consider just the names of the episodes. Danger Zone. Sounds difficult. Mysterious. Play-at-yer-own-risk kinda levels. Dark colors throughout. Not coming back here anytime soon. Danger, Will Robinson! Compare that to Utopia. Candy Land. Bouncy Stuff and cute little pigs munching on sweets and popcorn. It's the county fair meets Willy Wonka. Think I'll enjoy another treat. Candy Apple Red and Pepto Bismol Pink permeate your pores after playing. I quite enjoy returning to Utopia, don't you. Now which one deserves a badge? I thought so. Nice effort though, guys. Aloha.
  • Almost everybody has the DZ badge now. A second badge for everyone does not make sense in my opinion. Sooner or later, everybody will have it.
  • Definitely yes! This score addict is harder IMHO than DZ. The badge ought to be a big frosted donut!
  • i think yes
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