Smash Maniac is bugged (Rovio answered my email)
  • Rovio just answered to my email, they said that they're investigating on it because it appears to be bugged.

    I have all achievements and this one is taking years to achieve it...
  • Thanks for that update. I have played so much that I should've had that 500K achievement a long time ago. Hope they get it fixed!
  • Finally, they admit it. ;) Thanks for the update!
  • Although I just got the smash maniac achievement a week or so ago, it is nice to see Rovio reply about the bug (I think I should have had it a long, long time ago). Hopefully the can push a fix through so all the other players missing this achievement can actually obtain it....
  • true, I read of people having achieved it, so it doesn't affect all player!

    this is the answer from rovio:

    Rovio Support, Apr-07 10:51 (EEST):
    Dear Daniele,

    The achievement does indeed seem to be bugged, we are currently investigating it.

    Best regards,

    Angry Birds Team
  • It took me just 4 months since I bought the game to get Smash Maniac. The last couple months I played 7-1 or Egg-14 over and over for maybe 100 hours on my iPhone4. It was very monotonous, but I did it while watching TV so it wasn't so bad.

    My suspicion is it is important to NOT abort. I suspect blocks you smash on a given run get permanently added into your total only if you wait for the COMPLETED!/FAILED! screen, otherwise your smashed blocks for that run may get cleared. Again, this is just my theory. It can explain why experienced players play for a year and do not get the achievement, because they restart so often when the level is not going as planned.
  • @rjohnson8ball -- I think you are probably right that smashed blocks in aborted games don't count. When I'm playing to improve my scores and I toss out a pathetic throw, I will immediately abort that game and start over. I think it would definitely explain why it took me so long to get the smash maniac achievement.

    That, or it could just be bugged (as the tweet from Rovio suggests).
  • @monkey -- my bad, I looked at your comment from April 8 and for some reason assumed it was from a Rovio tweet (I have no earthly idea why I assumed that). I should have said e-mail, not tweet. Sorry for the confusion! (and I'll try to learn to read here in the near future)
  • Glad to hear the official word on this. I will stop playing Egg-14 over and over now. :)
  • @muzikool I'm not sure Rovio knows for sure if it's bugged. I have a feeling @ChaosTsar is right. You have to smash a lot of blocks for a long time, all the time waiting for the level to complete before starting again.
  • Just speculation:

    Cut the Rope has a similar problem with a couple of achievements. The problem seems to be that it's impossible to get the achievement if it was completed BEFORE a certain time. It seems like new players get this achievement after a few months, but people that have been playing for a long time can't get it. Again, this is speculation. I don't have the achievement either, but I've definitely played enough to get it.
  • @RLZIII I agree! I know I popped 300 bubbles (counted), I know I outsmarted 200 spiders (also counted), I'm pretty dang sure I cut 2000 ropes. But still no achievement. And those are things that I would've done VERY early in the game play. So I agree, I think the bug has something to do with early players. Sucks because often the earliest players are the most dedicated, and they are kinda getting the shaft.
  • I also still think that blocks smashed even if the game isn't completed still count. The game appears to register things on the fly. For example, on the kill the 2800 marmosets ach., I got the achievement in the middle of a level, not at the end. And I've had those things happen many times. So I think they count. I could be wrong but my gut tells me I'm not. ;) And my gut is never wrong.*

    *This is an outright lie. My gut has no idea what he is talking about. Sometimes he tells me to keep eating. So I do. Then 5mins later he tells me I ate too much. Make up your mind!
  • I do agree that completing a level (with a pass or fail result) shouldn't matter, as all of the other achievements (including the other block achievements) are counted mid-level. The achievements being bugged has been a long problem with Cut the Rope (and, if I recall, started when Game Center support was added; but has since also affected the Crystal integration). I'm not sure if this latest update (the Magic Box) fixed the problem or not; I three-starred that update when it came out and haven't been back to see if I could regain the achievements. It certainly doesn't instantly fix the problem with Cut the Rope. If the achievements are fixed in Cut the Rope, it seems like they have to be completed again.

    Now, whether or not the Smash Maniac achievement in Angry Birds suffers from the same problem: I don't know. However, it seems very likely. In Cut the Rope, people who either restarted or started playing after Game Center was added are not affected by the problem. And it seems like the same is starting to become obvious with Angry Birds. It takes a long time to get the Smash Maniac achievement; so I think it's taken a while for new players to report that they are getting the achievement. But now that they are, I'm confident that the problem seems to be stuck with old players only (pre-Game Center udpate perhaps). We'll have to wait and see if Rovio can get a fix out in the next update.
  • Not sure where this fits in the debate, but with Angry Birds, I have had achievements register well after the achievement was actually achieved. I do not remember specifics, but I am certain that the notice that I got for finishing off one of the worlds popped up several games after I had finished off that world. So, the fact that an achievement such as killing 2800 marmosets registers mid-game does not necessarily mean that the achievement was actually achieved during that game.
  • I do understand what you're saying chaostsar and I do agree that that happens, but I remember quite specifically with the 2800 marmosets ach. that I had restarted a bunch of times without any completions when I got that one. So I still have to stick to my guns on that.
  • I can confirm the fact that rovio believes that the achievement is bugged!

    I also finally got rovio's answer via mail!

    they only said that they are working on that issue and I should be patient, because an update is coming..

    Egg-14 FTW!!!
  • which level were you paying when you got it?
  • as I said in my last comment: Egg-14
  • Can others confirm getting Smash Maniac using the Egg-14 method?? I played at least 15minutes last night, maybe more, and I didn't get anything. I'm not really that big on acheivements as I am for scores, but was just trying to confirm in the interest of the community, and nothing happened for me.

    I'm not saying it's not true for others. For me, it didn't work. It is also weird that Rovio confirmed that Smash Maniac is bugged to BirdLeader, but mrmikkecom got the opposite response from them.

    Whatever is going on, it has to be bugged, or they mean 5000 in one sitting, which I've probably done before in the past without trying for it anyway.
  • @Grayson, according to the post, playing through the 14th Golden Egg gets you about 5,000 blocks in 16 minutes. The Smash Maniac achievement is gained when you've reached 500,000 blocks destroyed. So, if Dima is correct, that means you've got to play the 14th Golden Egg for 1,600 minutes (26 hours). This, of course, assumes that you've smashed 0 blocks at the start.
  • I just wrote to Rovio if a new update is gonna come out anytime soon to fix this.
  • they just answered me, they're still investigating he bug, but they don't know when it's gonna be fixed... I have the felling that they don't knoe how to fix it :(
  • I understand some people have managed to get Smash Maniac, but I have to believe it's bugged. I just finished getting every achievement except Smash Maniac and it took months. I started playing Seasons two days ago and already got the 50,000 block smasher achievement, so I know I must be over 500,000 in regular Angry Birds. I will also note that my block smasher achievements popped up mid-level, which leads me to believe that you do not have to wait until you get the complete/failed screen at the end of each level.
  • it is bugged, Rovio has recognized the bug. butI think they haven't found a fix yet
  • Does anybody feel like posting a screen-shot of their smash maniac achievement? Before I try the golden egg solution (14 or 16 are good levels) wanted to see some actual proof!

    Also a devoted player, currently #4,900 on GC, so I'm not just a hater
  • I got Angry Birds last April on my Ipod. Updated my software on it in January and Gamecenter was added. My goal is to get all the achievements for all the Angry Birds Games. I also have all the feathers. Finally got all of achievements on the original game except for the Smash Maniac. I am convinced this is bugged because I have played this game A LOT.

    I have all the achievements in the other games except for the latest Rio update. From what I have read, I should be able to get all but two of them for now.
  • @FabianG1489 and @MarkyMark73 -- Smash Maniac is possible, but it took me forever to get it. Even though I got it, I still think something is buggy with the achievement.
  • It seems to me egg-19 would be better than egg-14 for smashing blocks. Am I missing something here?
  • @ddudley egg-14 will get you the most smashed blocks per bird.
    but egg-19 is a pretty good option too.
  • someone has any update? I hate seeing 51 on 52 achievements on my leadboard :(
  • @monkey, I'm hoping we'll see a fix in the next ABOriginal update.
  • do you have a clue on when it's gonna come out?
  • Couple weeks, maybe sooner.
  • the update is out, and the achievement is still bugged. I feel fooled
  • Still seems bugged to me as well. Any official word from Rovio it?
  • 54 / 55 achievements and still no smash maniac.
  • are you guys writing email to Rovio concerning the bug?

    If we all write them THEY MUST consider resolving it!
  • I've just sent Rovio an email about this and will let you guys know if I receive a reply.
  • I emailed them about the bug as well. I was so disappointed to get the AB Original update and no fix for the 500k. I agree that everyone should email them about it.
  • I emailed too. Did someone get an answer?
  • Did anyone ever hear back from Rovio? The one missing achievement mocks me.
  • No reply. They're not replying back, lately. And OFC the achievement is still missing.

    This months I reached 2 years of game playing, and still I have 1 achievement missing
  • I got a reply that said I had to log in to see the response, yet there was no information available when I logged in. *slams head on desk*

    Yup. Been playing since last spring and missing the 500k as well. Just annoying. Hope they get their act together soon.
  • @ndylan You can sign in by creating an ID using the email address from which you contacted Rovio. Please report back their response.
  • Yeah, I tried that but when I was finally logged in there was a 'no information available' message. That's all it said. :(
  • I achieved smash maniac today. I have 3 stars on all levels including most recent update, all other achievements. Also put in about 10 hours on 7-1.. Couple hours egg 14... And alot more hours just replaying levels to get 3 stars on everything again..and again.. and again...

    Either I just finally got there.. Or the recent update fixed a bug.

    My advice... Just keep playing....
    And pray they don't make a 1000000 block achievment to torture everyone more!

    Anyone else get there after the recent update?
  • I just got Smash Maniac today too. Finally 56/56 achievements!
    Oh god please no 100,000 Blocks!
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