• wrw01 posted an update in the group Badges & Ranking – Nominate & Congratulate 1 year, 1 month ago

    Hi @sweetp, I would like to nominate @bernersenn for the high IQ badge. His flinging in ABF is a testament to high scores and strategy development.

    • I most certainly agree! thank you for letting me know.

      • wrw01 replied 1 year ago

        Just kindly asking, is their a specific time table or criteria evaluation if this badge is going to be issued to @bernersenn? I only ask because he helped me so much in ABFriends, along with others, and I personally know how really intelligent he is in flinging and what he offers to other flinger in the nest.

    • SweetP replied 1 year ago

      sorry, life gets in the way at times, especially family issues.

      All done.

      • wrw01 replied 1 year ago

        @sweetp I can identify with the family issues. Thank you. All the others when time and life permits. Greatly appreciated!