• Twylatime posted an update 8 years, 12 months ago

    @amslimfordy, have been looking all over the nest for the discussions we all had about backing up our data, and can’t find it. I’ve gotten a new computer with Windows 8, and I moved just the original AB and the back up file I had for it, with the .lua files in it to the new PC, booted AB and entered my Rovio code, and then restarted my puter, but the high scores didn’t update. Any ideas for me to try?

    • @amslimfordy, can you help me out with this?

    • I would install ABo on your WIn8 computer and play/defeat one level. Exit out of the game and go looking for the .lua files: http://angrybir.de/abbackup. Once found, overwrite these with your backed up version from your old computer.

      • Success!! But the weirdest thing happened. After several attempts, I uninstalled ABO from new puter, deleted my back-up files, and started all over with clean slate. I re-downloaded the app and started it to defeat one level to create the .lua files, and when it opened, wala! All my scores and files were up to date! Its a miracle! The force is with me! Had no difficulties moving the rest of them, except Seasons won’t accept my code, so may have to fork over another $5, but at this point who cares, right? Thanks for your help, and remember I’m on Windows 8 now, so if anyone out there needs help really messing stuff up, Twy is your go-to mess-er-up-er!!! Happy flinging everyone!