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    Screenshot of scores from tournament yesterday, e.g. #5.

    • @t-m-jake-smithhart

      You need screenshots, showing the damage done, it will also show any unused birds. What you posted is of no use at all. Camping-LED posted a sample of what should be posted for screenshots, for High Scores

      • Okay. So, should pllayers take a screen shot of any/every score that is in, say… Top 3, 5, 10 or ONLY a 1st place score BEFORE moving on? I don’t know if there is a way to capture it later.. Or is there?
        I do have another, I think more serious, question: If a score is being questioned, why is a screenshot showing EXACTLY what is contested “of no use at all”? That seems to me to be the definitive proof countering someone’s accusation of something untoward. What am I missing on this point?

        • A screenshot if you have the Top Score for a level!. Screenshots of the scores of levels show nothing but the score!

          • You need the actual level screenshot showing the damage done….as well as any birds left…..it validates the score!! Take a look at the current Tournament screenshots to see what I mean!! Good Luck!

      • Oh, and I have another question about unused birds. If the score is THE issue for someone, Unused birds only affect the final score. So, if the screenshot of the score in question captures that final score, why would 1, 2, 3…. unused birds be of any importance? Again, what I missing? My educational background compels to ask these things. I sincerely want to fullyy understand. Thank you!! Jake

        • The unused birds add to the score. It’s always good to see the full screen showing all damage, and then any remaining birds to validate the score!!! Sorry….lot’s of cheaters!! Enjoy the flinging!

          • Over & Out! Bedtime for me!

          • Oh! Although the logic escapes me, I get what you’re really telling me. Some folks are… umm, incredulous..of some scores entered by others. I also get that I’m a bit naive! Why cheat on a game that is, I presume, intended to be fun? Sure competition can be healthy. I love to win! But cheat?! I’ll probably never understand that aspect. Thanks for getting to the nitty-GRITTY on this.