• sunshine posted an update in the group Badges & Ranking – Nominate & Congratulate 6 years ago

    @kimmiecv congrats on Master Slinger! Welcome to the club! :)

    • Wow @Kimmiecv! This will be great to wake up to. WTG!

    • @kimmiecv see you’re right on my tail! Congrats, now go find a nice place in your castle to display your old crown (a good excuse to visit your kilted man!) :D

      • LOL @karen68!! :D hey @JLZ-666 Early this morning I was having a bit of a chat to Karen in a walkthrough and some Flippin nutter came whizzing by knocked me off my Queen for a day Throne and tossed a wreath on my dang head then flew out the door!! I woke up this morning with a headache, my lovely crown with its lovely diamond laying on the floor next to me and my Throne…….GONE!! I’ve been unseated and my Throne has been replaced by a Wreath!!!! Sigh…….
        Thanks for the Congrats @sunshine you always make me smile!! :) and @angermanagement you too!! :) Ha as we all no there’s no keeping this trap shut!!! ;D

    • congratulations @kimmiecv!!!

      • Awww thank you Sweetpea!! :) miss your constant presence in BP! I barely see you anymore!! :(

        • Whaaaat??? They stole your throne? No chance, I’m sure it was safely moved to your summer home(castle) along with your crown. But holy smokes @Kimmiecv, you’ve posted twice as much as me. Yep, no keeping that trap shut and I’m so glad for that :D CONGRATS MASTER SLINGER!!!

          • Silly little munchkin!! :/ @Bird-addict when I poof over to my castle (thank you mvnla2!) it better be there or that little squirt will Never find his rainbow (or whatever it is munchkins are looking for?!) IKR!!! Me quiet? HA that’s like the ocean without water, the universe without stars, Tig without food nearby!! Never gunna happen……;D

    • Whoa whoa!!!! @Kimmiecv Congrats !!! The master of disaster:) I’m sorry I’m an idiot didn’t pick Up on this in pm was very confused..lol..big hugs ((((hug))))) wtg girl!!!! Kick me next time wouldja!!! Mwahhhhh….

      • Heeheee @Kathy!! I figured you’d catch on eventually, and until then it was kinda fun watching you flip out!! Hahahaaa ;D Thanks and Mwaaaaah kisses back!! LOL

        • Lol loopy loo who brought the funny girl…mwahhhaha…Happy i gave you a good chuckle..that’s what loopy friends are for hee hee:)