• The MEBC coins per room was only added about 4-5 months ago so you still get more than you would have previously done so before that change.


    What I have noticed though, is that my daily finishing position is higher on average than it used to be.  When you think about it the reason is quite obvious, a player with a high FP filled the…[Read more]

  • Where did I crap on your ‘achievements’? All I said was that sometimes you get easier match ups than other times and the frame of your opponent *may* give you an indication of how skilled they are.

  • Someone who is not a great player will not score a great score for their flock power in MEBC, as the season progresses people with similar FP will achieve later frames faster than a poor player would.  Therefore if towards the end of the season you have a battle against a player who has the same FP as you but they are a few frames behind then you…[Read more]

  • We all get easy match ups and the further you go into the streak the harder it will be. The number of spells isn’t their weakness, it’s how many they wanted to add to guarantee victory.

    One thing that you can look at which may give an indication of how good the opponent is, is by comparing their frame to yours. Obviously in the first few days of…[Read more]

  • To answer the OP’s question, the 3,6,9 requirement which is common in most competitive clans is a method in which they are able to complete the event to get all rewards.  Some people will go over and above the requirement because they want the additional rewards than can vary for those finishing from the top 3 to the top 10.


    @ogandzyuk I see…[Read more]

  • Without going through every message in this thread I have come to the conclusion that DC difficulty is directly related to whether or not you buy the gem letter.

    Up until the beginning of May I was fairly regularly buying the gem letter, then when that one ended in early June I decided not to do it again.  Then about a week later, instead of…[Read more]

  • To answer the OP’s question, if you don’t play the hatchling won’t go.  However and you open the app more than 48 hours after the last feeding it will acquire a bag and you have one hour from that point of feeding it before it will leave.

    To build up apples is not difficult up to a level 3 hatchling, however if you don’t have the time to play…[Read more]

  • Sounds a bit harsh if done to the letter there @ogandzyuk what if someone is busy at work when there’s a 200 event?  They log on and find it’s completed, do they still have to do 6 points unnecessarily?  Can’t they simply balance it out by promising getting more than the required for the next event?

    In the clan I’m in, we communicate, where r…[Read more]

  • Further to the first reply, on the home screen press on one of the birds, you will see how it’s flock power is made up.

    The power is a sum of the hatchling level (0-10), hat its wearing (0-11), number of completed hat sets (slingshot level) (0-50+) and it’s feather level (1-lots).

    The reward you refer to only counts the feather level.


  • Sometimes I get good runs and others not so much so.  Outside of hat events my approach is “is what I have collected so far worth another pig?”, if the answer is “No”, quit there and then, if “Yes”, continue.

    Example 1: Get a pig on level 2, just quit.

    Example 2: Get a pig on level 4, let’s say in the first 3 levels I’d picked up 10 gems some…[Read more]

  • 007 replied to the topic Update in the forum Angry Birds 2 Forum 1 year ago

    Will the pig require feathers?

    Weird addition.

    I agree about the hat sets, I wouldn’t mind if they were to have stuck with adding x3 sets.

  • Something similar happened in November/December.  I think the outcome was that a lot of cheaters got removed in that period.  I know that the app is still blighted by cheaters but it isn’t as rampant as it was.

    I still think that in a clan battle, that if one player is banned from a clan, they automatically forfeit the battle.  This would push th…[Read more]

  • 007 replied to the topic ME Shop – Best ROI? in the forum Angry Birds 2 Forum 1 year ago

    The last but one shop opening had both a feather frenzy and a pearl party. The last time there were neither, and as I already have the complete Samurai set, I decided not to spend any ME coins. The same will go for the coming opening, if they don’t have a feather frenzy or pearl party then I won’t spend and wait for the next season to finish.

    We…[Read more]

  • 007 replied to the topic ME Shop – Best ROI? in the forum Angry Birds 2 Forum 1 year ago

    The Roman hat set has always been 1500, the Samurai set were 1000 at the time.  If you have completed the Samurai set then in my opinion there is little need for most players to get the Roman hats.

    The reason is if you spend 1500 every season, then after 7 seasons your flock power will increase by 7 if you get all the hats.  Whereas spending 3…[Read more]

  • Regarding completing DC & KPP, you have to ask yourself is it worth it?

    If KPP is in your Daily Quest you get 20 gems for play it.  However if you are not getting the gem letter then it makes absolutely no sense to try to complete DC by spending 60 gems in order to get 20.  The rewards of 400 feathers, some apples, a chilli and a Rare chest is n…[Read more]

  • Just collect what you get from these chests, they’re pre-determined anyway.  Don’t bother spending gems on opening another ‘option’, it isn’t gems by stealth, it’s there plain to see, do you really need to spend 20, 80 or 900 gems on opening another ‘choice’?

    Same goes for ToF, I play to the first pig.  If it comes early I ask myself whether t…[Read more]

  • 007 replied to the topic No more videos in the forum Angry Birds 2 Forum 1 year, 1 month ago

    Do you try to contact them via the app? Or by email? If the former they tend to reply to messages about bugs pretty well. I understand that if you just email them then you are unlikely to get a reply.

  • Fair enough.  When I first started playing I didn’t enter a clan until about a month of doing so, the first clan I joined was a waste of space as the leader/co-leaders were inactive and didn’t enter battles, so I left after a week.

    The second clan I entered had one non-communicating leader and no co-leaders.  In normal events we wouldn’t get m…[Read more]

  • I agree, don’t get me wrong watching a videos can be very useful, sometimes it may have a shot that was not an obvious one but very effective.  About 2 months ago there was a clan battle where it seemed that you could only clear the first room with a birdie, then there was a video which showed how to get a strike by aiming Silver at some boulders…[Read more]

  • Your account is worthless.  If a genuine new player wants to achieve anything they will do it off of their own back.  If a player is desperate to have as high FP and slingshot as possible then they will probably cheat their way to the ‘top’.


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