• Mumsie posted an update in the group Badges & Ranking – Nominate & Congratulate 9 years, 1 month ago

    Goodness me where to start???? I think with the new very special dusters for the “Over the Moon” badge – with the adorable Ewok embroidered in the corner – oh and @wicket182 yours also has Master Strategist embroidered on it!! However I would like to invite you to come to my house and demonstrate it because I seem to be totally incapable of doing any glitch level!
    so @Burbman, @wicket182, @bonneypattycat, @chiefbumpa, @yor-el, @playdbird, @jtwade, @thee-michelle, @maxim-barybin (lancer854)
    @mvnla2, @ollygod, @alo10w, @addington60
    Now onto the usual dusters for keeping your new badges bright and shiny – I see we have a new Gold Flinger – @justpast40 well done!
    3 New Champions – @campingled, @el_mout and @myhthk Congratulations
    4 new Master Slingers – @chrchr , @kai92 , @dbkraemer and @druidie Congratulations
    and 2 new Fling Kings @andy2510 (Andy) and @newcybroon – Congratulations

    • Thanks, but I can’t really take credit for the strategy, The details would not have been possible without so many others that were willing to share. Some people share and some like to keep their methods of success to themselves. Luckily there are enough nesters that just enjoy the game and give back and not just take from this site.

    • Another one for the collection – thanks Mumsie!

    • A belated thank you @mumsie42. In no time you’ll be knitting or crocheting your very own duster for your Gold Flinger rank. These ranks at 2500 point intervals seem like they’ll never come, but they do ; -)

      Oh & if, or should I say when, you succeed in obtaining the “Over the Moon,” with or without @wicket182, please send those helpful hints this way …. LOL. Right now it looks hopeless for this young senior flinging on an Android phone, but I honestly haven’t devoted a lot of time as it’s (income) Tax Season & I’m quite busy with work. In a few months once Tax Season ends, I’ll be back to furiously flinging .