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    @Sunshine – have done my research and all those I’ve never met seem almost as nice as those I already know! So please add my vote for each and every one of them!

    • @alfredhartojo for Helping Hand – 4
      @tienshenlong for High IQ – 4
      @cmdrbond for Pleasant Company – 4
      @cosmo2503 for Share the Wealth – 4
      @Crazy-Rider for Alumni
      @Crazy-Rider for Share The Wealth – 6
      @danno820 for Pleasant Company – 3
      @danno820 for Share The Wealth – 3
      @dbkraemer for Pleasant Company – 5
      @dbkraemer for Share the Wealth – 4
      @f91jsw for Pleasant Company – 4
      @HallieGinSB for alumni
      @HallieGinSB for Helping Hand – 5
      @lmika for Share the Wealth – 3
      @josephine for Pleasant Company – 5
      @jtwade for Pleasant Company – 4
      @jtwade for Share the Wealth – 3
      @kathi17 for Pleasant Company – 5
      @mecstaveler for Pleasant Company – 4
      @mecstaveler for Share the Wealth – 3
      @rat9 for High IQ – 7
      @spdlives (JackS) for Score Gatherer Truffle Shuffle – 3
      @spdlives (JackS) for Pleasant Company – 4
      @spdlives (JackS) for Truffle Shuffle – 3
      @stevenellie for Pleasant Company – 5
      @stevenellie for Share The Wealth – 4

      @mumsie42 I have gone through my google doc. And added your votes to the nominees that you had not voted on. I do agree with you that they are all deserving of the badges. I do hope @amslimfordy and @birdleader get some free time to hand out badges!!! Everyone likes to be recognized for their contribution to this great community! ;)

      • Also, a thank you to @wrw01 @kathy @tieshenlong @candra and @mvnla2 for nominating all of the above nominees!!! :D

        • And a big Thanks to @sunshine for keeping up this great group; )

        • Thank you to @candrarazaka and @tienshenlong for your nomination! :D

        • Yes!!ty ty ty!!! For the nominations you all!!!!! My browser will crash if I giver well the names listed in the above post, but I read it, and understand a bit more of what is happening and who got my name on such a list with outstanding people that I look up to, and look forward to “seeing”! What an honor!!! (Woot!)

          • Wtg @mecstaveler well deserved; )

            • Ty! I’m spleasantly shocked! I’m not sure what’s happening, but I understand it’s obviously an honor! Thank you so much @kathy for nominating me. :-D

              • your very welcome @mecstaveler you certainty have earned the badges. if you want to learn more about badges and ranks
                on the gold bar above click on ‘about’ on the drop down menu you will see ‘badges & rank’ there are all the pics of the badges and a descripton of what is needed to earn them.
                then if you want to nominate somone you simply return to this group and let @sunshine know who you wish to nominate
                also everyday sunshine post a list of the nominations and you can let her know if you want to add your vote for anyone on that list. I hope I’ve answered your question; ) l@sunshine did i miss anything ?

      • thanks!

      • @sunshine wow! I Don’t know much about the nest in its entirety because I get lost during navigation’s, but I love the flingers, and can totally figure out the walkthrough chat (I even learned how to submit my score a few months ago…I have a year of scores unentered still… Doh!), and the peeps are so nice, helpful, polite, and patient! But, I never knew about this sort of thing until google started categorizing my e-mail, so now I see and read my ABN updates! I am so shocked this sort of badge exists, thrilled beyond comprehension that I am included with these amazing people who have always been so helpful, patient, and kind! Wow! Thank you for your obvious hand in such a neat community strengthening event! I have GOT to figure this place out, because the people here have managed to create a wonderful thing with this site, there has got to be a lot of time, energy and commitment invested to set up and maintain such a rockin’ site! Now, where do I vote for the awesome people who have been so helpful, patient (deserve an award for not losing patience with my rambling!) and kind to me? Thanks!!!

      • @wrw01 thank you so much for nominating me for this great badge! I’ll try to live up to it. And also big thanks for those who supported my nomination (can’t find out who did ☺) and last but not least congratutions to my fellow nominees!

    • Thank you all so much for the nomination!

    • Thank you all. This is indeed an honour (times 2). :-)