• maverick posted an update 2 years, 9 months ago

    @ragebird thank you for the reply and visit to our clan. We’ll discuss the merger as a group in chat, and see if we can make something happen. We have a great group of dedicated, friendly and supportive daily players that’ll definitely be an asset to your clan.

    • Looking forward to it! You can also contact me or one of my co-leaders via Messenger by searching the AB2 Gamers FB page for POAP’s latest recruiting post and then contacting the person who posted it. :)

      • We discussed the merger and everyone is excited about a merger and a new beginning! We have been bleeding out members steadily and the algorithm just has given us any reprieve with new members. Our leader Turbo plans on dissolving the clan in a few days, and then members will start to join! We have a few people that need a break and will try joining at a later date when spots come available, so the uneven numbers shouldn’t be an issue. I’ll pass along the FB info to the clan so others can contact you there. Thanks Ragebird!

        • This is wonderful news Maverick! A slower join-up process is not an issue, maybe even better than a mass influx. That way we can keep track of new members, admit them to our FB page and chats, as well as allowing time for a few of our members with 2nd accounts to finish this cvc and take a break. If you can, please join “Pigs on a Plane Clan Base” on FB and identify yourself and then we can communicate in a different forum. Cheers! :)