• Congrats to the following nesters who (by admin recommendation) have been awarded the Certified Nester badge: @campingled @steinbird @caryhedges @idefix1976 @bambenio @xpogi @quetzal You have all been awesome contributors and valued members of ABN, and that has not gone unnoticed. :)

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    @Bill congrats on becoming uncaged, and thanks so much for helping to support the nest!

  • Another Puppy clone thanks to @comex666 video strategy :) I just copied his shot from the video and (a few hundred tries later), managed to get the extra debris points to get over the top. One thing I noticed, […]

  • Feb 5 2014 Puppy

  • @sglouk You have to beat the existing high score. Ouch, though. :( I’ve tied the high score in two past challenges, so I can empathize. So close…and yet so far. :)

  • @kerravon Nicely said up there. Just a FYI, a few of us (myself included) are night owls, and since we’re located on both US coasts, we usually manage to keep an eye on things during those hours when normal people are asleep. :)

    @partshade ABN is a target mostly because we’re a large site. Spammers want to reach the most people, so they look…[Read more]

  • One thing I’ve noticed is the “Complete X Mirror Level” challenge *always* locks up the game for me, so I will finish the first two, then go to another level and play it. That seems to save the progress. Then I’ll make a note of the mirror level it wants me to play, and go find it manually. Once you complete it, it unlocks that challenge without crashing.

  • @brionjames Not heard of any issues specific to that device, but you should probably contact Rovio support about this. You can do that here: http://www.rovio.com/en/about-us/contact

    If you learn anything interesting that may help other people who encounter that problem problem, please reply to this thread, and let us know? Thanks!

  • I recommend the silicone tipped stylii, if you can find them. They last longer, and seem to be a bit more precise.

  • @appleaj Thanks for the info. :) Sorry about us missing your post earlier.

    When posting proof for one of these badges, it’s best to send a mention to @admins instead of just one admin. That way, we are […]

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  • Adding my votes for @sal9 and ladydi102 ‘s nominations. All well-deserved!

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    @appleaj Congrats on your two new badges! Really Jealous about the Anchors Aweigh. I’ve been trying to get that for a year, and failing horribly. :)

  • @appleaj I saw both your badge posts, and I’ll award your badges shortly. Congrats! If you have time, and don’t mind, can you answer a few questions about this level? I’m just curious, since it really seemed to […]

  • I did what @burpie did, with one twist..

    I fired my second shot, just like the video, but immediately after the first shot. This lets more of the top debris get snagged by the falling locomotive, which then […]

  • @hunnybunny Oops, it didn’t post for some reason. Now that it has, I think maybe that wasn’t such a nice strat after all. :)

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