• Kathy posted an update 5 years, 1 month ago

    Hey Fellow Flingers 🐣 Come join me in the Bloated Pig Forum , found under the community tab on the Gold bar above, Not a real time chat but close enough! Meet new friends, share fun, kick back have a virtual drink, snack , share strats, get help with anything Nest related 🐣

    • Hi, and thanks for your persistence regarding the thread Re the sp*m messages. Not sure why, but my account was restricted and all my friends removed. Looks like admin sweetp fixed that, but no details on what happened to my account. Cheers.

      • No problem @20Qmindreader Happy that you alerted people, and @Ixan57 found your forum and in turn notified others! your help really appreciated! sorry about the mix up! I guess there was just a bit of confusion at first ,but in the long run, you saved us all from Alice Spam, who knows who would have fallen for that if not for your warning🐣
        Your account is back in order I hope? if not let me know and I will be sure to make sure it gets back to normal!

    • Kathy, why were,me ,abfan89, and magic jewelry nerd banned. I don’t remember any spamming nonsense!!!!😡😪😪😡😡why??:(