• Jai McGraw posted an update 3 years, 1 month ago

    Just created a new clan named “SERIOUS PLAYERS”. I am seeking serious, active players to join so that we can all reap the rewards. I have been in a few clans since they started and am tired of only having, at most, 10 players in a 50 member clan participate. The one I just left only had 3 points with 6 participants out of 50 members, so I left and formed my own. I am not concerned if you are active and do not score a point…at least you are active. If you are interested, join. It is closed, so send me a request. I will monitor regularly. Thanks.

    • Hi Jai, I just want to get ride of cheaters so I Wold like to join your clan if You share my way of thinking. Mighty thunders level 67.
      Oh shoot!

      I just was going to join but unfortunately there are some cheaters in your clan aswell.

      • Who are the “cheaters” that you are referring to? I would like to know. Thanks.