• Dragynox posted an update 8 years, 8 months ago

    @mighty-red-1 Why did you mark my recent posts as resolved? I’d like to have updated the first post about things that return more than one gem because it is difficult to find information anymore on the original post about the lab. The second post isn’t even a question. I was sharing information that I had not seen on the board anymore to be a part of the community, but marking it as resolved you remove the ability for there to be a discussion and thus take away the attempt to be a part of the community. I tried something that I hadn’t seen anybody talk about and was trying to share my learning.

    • @dragynox Your topic about the bridge was a simple question so I gave you a simple answer. And as for the recipes, we don’t need a topic about something that’s already being discussed – the topic I gave you the link to contains all the recipes and their payouts. Yes, it might be difficult to find the right info due to the topic being extremely thorough about the lab, but that’s not a reason to start a whole new topic.

      • There is not a single question in the post about the bridge. That was me sharing a mildly amusing story about something I was curious about and tried in the game. Can you point to the question that is in that post please?

        • @dragynox All characters need to shoot the red button regardless of whether their vehicle mode is a plane like E. Starscream’s or a ground vehicle. Did I answer your question? I don’t see what else you want to know.

          • @dragynox I didn’t prevent you from interacting with the community. Your topic looked like a question rather than a discussion, especially when there’s very little to discuss about what you said in the topic.