• AngryBirdsFanGuy438 uploaded a new picture: My Plush Collection… 8 years, 5 months ago

    Updated picture of my AB plush collection!

    • AbsolUUUUUUUtely, THEE BOMB. Fabulous collection!!!!!!!! Ya know what you can do with that BIG piggie?
      Either use him for a chair [;>D] OR throw the birdeeze at him. Show ’em he a’int so big!

      I got a 5″ piggie for a friend to throw at the TV during the football season, which HAS started. The TV needs dusting and she now has 2 round circles in the dust on the screen from throwing the piggie. Ho Ho!!
      Maybe we can get the pig to “clean” the screen by throwing it at the clean spots let. Another Ho Ho LOL!!!

      • WOW!!! Look at all those plushies soo cute. Impressive collection i have the mini pig 2 so glad im not the only one who gets plushies :D