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Sturdy And Durable Device: STANLEY STHT77340 Cross Line Laser Review

All the people out there, who are fond of attempting DIY projects in their home and who are planning to build or install things in their home, they need Stanley STH77340 laser level for perfection. Today we are discussing features for all the beginners who are confused about what laser level to buy and which one will show them accurate and precise results.

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Characteristics of Stanley STH77340 Laser Level

❖Weight: 0.01 ounces

❖Batteries: 2AA

❖Laser Class: I

❖Leveling Type: Automatic

❖Accuracy: +/-5/16”

❖Working Range: 40ft.

Features of Stanley STH77340 Laser Level:

Locking Pendulum:

Other than major brands, Stanley has also come up with locking pendulum features for all the users who travel frequently from one site to another, and they also want the protection of the device. Locking pendulum keeps the internal components of the device safe at the time of transportation, and it’s also suitable when you want to set angled lines according to a project requirement.

Working Range:

Stanley STH77340 is also known as the best laser level for home use because it can support almost any kind of DIY project with perfection. The working range of STH77340 is 40ft which is only not suitable for indoor projects but outdoor simple projects as well. You will love the solid beam projection of this device and how it can make everything accurate.

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Along with the working range, it’s essential to have perfect accuracy in a laser level as well to get desired results out of your projects. The accuracy of this device is about +/-5/16”. No matter if you are painting a wall, installing a cabinet, or doing some sort of outdoor task, this laser level will keep supporting projects without a long operational procedure.

Bracket and Mounting System:

STH77340 has also come up with amazing bracket links for multiple mounting. While you are working on DIY projects, the device needs to be mounted somewhere, and this device has a strong magnetic base that can grab the surface strongly for hours, and you can work in peace without adjusting the device after a short interval of time.

Compact and Light-Weight Design:

Stanley STH77340 is a compact and light-weight laser level that can be packed in your handbag while you are traveling, and you need a laser level there as well. There will be no handling issues, and due to the pendulum locking system, the device will be safe from any kind of damage.

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From the residential construction job to the hanging cabinets, this laser device can provide a comfortable environment to a user and make a job easy by reducing the time frame. You will be amazed by the ability of leveling applications and perfect alignment in every task.