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Level Your Score Rank Diff High Avg +/- Avg
  • Total Score of 7,193,096: Ranked 5 out of 6 w/ 12 scores entered
Level 1, January 28th499,9725-371,935731,401-231,429n/a
Level 2, January 28th457,9525-212,458564,548-106,596n/a
Level 3, January 28th456,8656-231,078577,658-120,793n/a
Level 4, January 28th566,5294-249,506665,878-99,349n/a
Level 5, January 28th677,3186-322,478889,455-212,137n/a
Level 6, January 28th441,6476-253,502602,364-160,717n/a
Level 7, January 28th629,7905-212,218725,778-95,988n/a
Level 8, January 28th807,6395-240,162943,490-135,851n/a
Level 9, January 28th791,7594-418,250969,478-177,719n/a
Level 10, January 28th492,7094-282,053601,481-108,772n/a
Level 11, January 28th405,3695-169,192482,392-77,023n/a
Level 12, January 28th965,5475-403,1271,210,481-244,934n/a