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Level Your Score Rank Diff High Avg +/- Avg
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Level P2-10n/an/a133,016n/an/a
Level P2-20n/an/a127,072n/an/a
Level P2-30n/an/a111,534n/an/a
Level P2-40n/an/a134,854n/an/a
Level P2-50n/an/a39,738n/an/a
Level P2-60n/an/a92,464n/an/a
Level P2-70n/an/a83,127n/an/a
Level P2-80n/an/a83,513n/an/a
Level P2-90n/an/a106,971n/an/a
Level P2-100n/an/a94,508n/an/a
Level P2-110n/an/a110,488n/an/a
Level P2-120n/an/a110,992n/an/a
Level P2-130n/an/a115,554n/an/a
Level P2-140n/an/a102,537n/an/a
Level P2-150n/an/a110,234n/an/a
Level P2-160n/an/a99,611n/an/a
Level P2-170n/an/a151,013n/an/a
Level P2-180n/an/a117,892n/an/a
Level P2-190n/an/a137,583n/an/a
Level P2-200n/an/a123,679n/an/a
Side P2-S10n/an/a108,251n/an/a
Side P2-S20n/an/a80,438n/an/a
Side P2-S30n/an/a70,365n/an/a
Side P2-S40n/an/a77,044n/an/a