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Level Your Score Rank Diff High Avg +/- Avg
  • Total Score of 3,650,660: Ranked 11 out of 1260 w/ 33 scores entered
  • Score Addict @ 3,450,000: Congratulations! You're over by 200,660!
Level 4-136,34081-1035,982+358n/a
Level 4-262,590377-2,70057,824+4,766n/a
Level 4-3146,110106-10,020138,919+7,191n/a
Level 4-487,46028-5,77081,022+6,438n/a
Level 4-5102,42025-4,98095,486+6,934n/a
Level 4-659,660211-1,01056,343+3,317n/a
Level 4-7119,33083-4,390111,497+7,833n/a
Level 4-865,2204-16061,169+4,051n/a
Level 4-9128,12033-2,460121,960+6,160n/a
Level 4-1084,56047-8,04080,766+3,794n/a
Level 4-11132,67012-1,810124,273+8,397n/a
Level 4-1291,07016-3,22082,443+8,627n/a
Level 4-13105,04011-1,89096,217+8,823n/a
Level 4-1488,02071-8,80078,652+9,368n/a
Level 4-1586,82073-7,24078,511+8,309n/a
Level 4-16110,06045-3,090103,462+6,598n/a
Level 4-1790,390158-5,34087,137+3,253n/a
Level 4-18141,13062-6,400128,125+13,005n/a
Level 4-19144,1808-3,090134,661+9,519n/a
Level 4-20127,32069-5,030121,287+6,033n/a
Level 4-21143,6906-1,430133,479+10,211n/a
Level 4-22119,88018-3,75097,427+22,453n/a
Level 4-23123,11035-5,050114,568+8,542n/a
Level 4-24149,62020-9,490140,873+8,747n/a
Level 4-25134,63093-13,130125,492+9,138n/a
Level 4-26110,39016-1,500105,934+4,456n/a
Level 4-27203,73087-11,380194,254+9,476n/a
Level 4-28133,68056-5,930128,004+5,676n/a
Level 4-29106,570116-14,11096,338+10,232n/a
Level 4-3066,93086-7,87056,061+10,869n/a
S-8 Bonus90,41030-9,77078,186+12,224n/a
S-9 Bonus137,77044-9,300124,575+13,195n/a
S-10 Bonus121,740130-1,950120,390+1,350n/a