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Level Your Score Rank Diff High Avg +/- Avg
  • Total Score of 1,631,810: Ranked 56 out of 210 w/ 14 scores entered
Level 10-153,82085 Top Score!53,460+360n/a
Level 10-2110,40093-19,580109,057+1,343n/a
Level 10-3174,39083-13,580171,958+2,432n/a
Level 10-4133,50048-10,170121,915+11,585n/a
Level 10-5106,74038-8,850101,023+5,717n/a
Level 10-678,62070-2,75077,705+915n/a
Level 10-7116,00090-16,300115,912+88n/a
Level 10-8172,33032-6,720168,652+3,678n/a
Level 10-9143,44055-7,550136,980+6,460n/a
Level 10-10136,84078-9,180136,820+20n/a
Level 10-1179,5608-6,95066,212+13,348n/a
Level 10-12112,84099-10,100112,613+227n/a
Level 10-13104,27028-5,240100,763+3,507n/a
S-24 Bonus109,06071-11,000106,364+2,696n/a