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Level Your Score Rank Diff High Avg +/- Avg
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Level 5-10n/an/a42,456n/an/a
Level 5-20n/an/a56,615n/an/a
Level 5-30n/an/a129,434n/an/a
Level 5-40n/an/a126,462n/an/a
Level 5-50n/an/a147,577n/an/a
Level 5-60n/an/a123,520n/an/a
Level 5-70n/an/a105,870n/an/a
Level 5-80n/an/a84,312n/an/a
Level 5-90n/an/a140,662n/an/a
Level 5-100n/an/a108,593n/an/a
Level 5-110n/an/a47,375n/an/a
Level 5-120n/an/a91,229n/an/a
Level 5-130n/an/a123,314n/an/a
Level 5-140n/an/a100,072n/an/a
Level 5-150n/an/a95,050n/an/a
Level 5-160n/an/a135,083n/an/a
Level 5-170n/an/a118,819n/an/a
Level 5-180n/an/a126,836n/an/a
Level 5-190n/an/a135,927n/an/a
Level 5-200n/an/a111,240n/an/a
Level 5-210n/an/a95,314n/an/a
Level 5-220n/an/a84,476n/an/a
Level 5-230n/an/a63,725n/an/a
Level 5-240n/an/a107,561n/an/a
Level 5-250n/an/a133,974n/an/a
Level 5-260n/an/a132,281n/an/a
Level 5-270n/an/a112,939n/an/a
Level 5-280n/an/a145,838n/an/a
Level 5-290n/an/a153,996n/an/a
Level 5-300n/an/a97,190n/an/a
S-11 Bonus0n/an/a139,172n/an/a
S-12 Bonus0n/an/a140,043n/an/a
S-13 Bonus0n/an/a146,415n/an/a