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LevelYour ScoreRankDiff HighAvg+/- Avg
  • Total Score of 3,712,165: Ranked 2 out of 786 w/ 33 scores entered
  • Score Addict @ 2,910,000: Congratulations! You're over by 802,165!
Level 6-154,6105-7052,315+2,295n/a
Level 6-268,50012-1,22064,491+4,009n/a
Level 6-356,9109-29055,232+1,678n/a
Level 6-465,3308-65060,601+4,729n/a
Level 6-599,1002-1,05088,089+11,011n/a
Level 6-6128,0401 Top Score!113,837+14,203n/a
Level 6-7125,3001 Top Score!109,633+15,667n/a
Level 6-8100,3401 Top Score!94,109+6,231n/a
Level 6-985,83015-11,72074,224+11,606n/a
Level 6-10136,4404-6,360120,048+16,392n/a
Level 6-11117,4302 Top Score!107,987+9,443n/a
Level 6-12134,0801 Top Score!116,966+17,114n/a
Level 6-1391,5508-1,10082,459+9,091n/a
Level 6-14150,77011-4,900132,143+18,627n/a
Level 6-15118,7102-60105,915+12,795n/a
Level 6-1672,3904-45063,491+8,899n/a
Level 6-1780,8602-1,75070,208+10,652n/a
Level 6-1898,2903-4,73089,822+8,468n/a
Level 6-19111,5805-1,090100,917+10,663n/a
Level 6-20164,1703-820148,207+15,963n/a
Level 6-2198,9307-92093,947+4,983n/a
Level 6-22107,0305-36098,678+8,352n/a
Level 6-2398,6005-11,22087,298+11,302n/a
Level 6-24124,0301 Top Score!110,149+13,881n/a
Level 6-25153,6501 Top Score!140,457+13,193n/a
Level 6-26132,7702-390112,073+20,697n/a
Level 6-27103,02011-2,10093,790+9,230n/a
Level 6-28112,2253-635105,367+6,858n/a
Level 6-29184,6108-5,140160,935+23,675n/a
Level 6-3075,2604-2,62054,813+20,447n/a
S-14 Bonus135,2908-3,780123,043+12,247n/a
S-15 Bonus170,00080-10144,647+25,353n/a
S-16 Bonus156,5205-3,210136,957+19,563n/a