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Level Your Score Rank Diff High Avg +/- Avg
  • Total Score of 2,491,230: Ranked 2 out of 2054 w/ 33 scores entered
  • Score Addict @ 2,200,000: Congratulations! You're over by 291,230!
Level 1-129,0402 Top Score!27,914+1,126n/a
Level 1-246,93013-15045,450+1,480n/a
Level 1-328,33025-30026,829+1,501n/a
Level 1-475,1303-25071,113+4,017n/a
Level 1-530,66010-31528,434+2,226n/a
Level 1-632,42010-35031,487+933n/a
Level 1-747,4308-46041,801+5,629n/a
Level 1-858,93019-72054,686+4,244n/a
Level 1-942,74015-57038,139+4,601n/a
Level 1-1050,6307-36042,426+8,204n/a
Level 1-1154,0704-20051,998+2,072n/a
Level 1-1261,3207-60057,173+4,147n/a
Level 1-1352,5504-1,21047,584+4,966n/a
Level 1-14106,4905-2,61085,015+21,475n/a
Level 1-1544,60013-39040,406+4,194n/a
Level 1-16109,9204-72097,936+11,984n/a
Level 1-17160,8702-1,700133,242+27,628n/a
Level 1-1886,4002-53078,510+7,890n/a
Level 1-19106,2407-4,39091,897+14,343n/a
Level 1-2036,355211-51536,174+181n/a
Level 1-21115,0409-2,810106,483+8,557n/a
Level 1-2264,84047-1,93059,271+5,569n/a
Level 1-23106,70511-3,70594,519+12,186n/a
Level 1-2488,01018-2,16078,193+9,817n/a
Level 1-2556,1703-27049,411+6,759n/a
Level 1-2691,6503-1,17080,192+11,458n/a
Level 1-2788,5009-93079,548+8,952n/a
Level 1-2849,62010-4,41044,231+5,389n/a
Level 1-29140,9301 Top Score!114,200+26,730n/a
Level 1-30109,78042-18,04087,269+22,511n/a
S-1 Bonus90,8704-1,83080,305+10,565n/a
S-2 Bonus150,2004-1,420137,024+13,176n/a
S-3 Bonus77,8604-57067,013+10,847n/a