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Level Your Score Rank Diff High Avg +/- Avg
  • Total Score of 921,000: Ranked 756 out of 1310 w/ 11 scores entered
Level 3-136,1901,017-2,71037,247-1,057n/a
Level 3-260,0301,156-12,07065,684-5,654n/a
Level 3-345,890781-5,30046,135-245n/a
Level 3-482,5201,129-22,87091,889-9,369n/a
Level 3-550,3501,118-7,44054,491-4,141n/a
Level 3-665,300282-3,39062,777+2,523n/a
Level 3-7135,430987-16,220140,412-4,982n/a
Level 3-863,880764-24,21068,998-5,118n/a
Level 3-9116,040817-11,540118,391-2,351n/a
Level 3-10130,0001,100-34,390138,177-8,177n/a
S-7 Bonus135,370361-15,560134,616+754n/a