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LevelYour ScoreRankDiff HighAvg+/- Avg
  • Total Score of 985,230: Ranked 263 out of 1297 w/ 11 scores entered
Level 3-137,370705-1,53037,252+118n/a
Level 3-264,660795-7,40065,688-1,028n/a
Level 3-346,900490-3,58046,107+793n/a
Level 3-496,510275-8,88091,802+4,708n/a
Level 3-554,480707-3,31054,498-18n/a
Level 3-663,900595-5,07062,817+1,083n/a
Level 3-7146,580206-6,040140,352+6,228n/a
Level 3-873,630322-14,15068,845+4,785n/a
Level 3-9121,900293-5,460118,332+3,568n/a
Level 3-10141,920336-22,470138,136+3,784n/a
S-7 Bonus137,380271-13,550134,569+2,811n/a