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Level Your Score Rank Diff High Avg +/- Avg
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Level 7-10n/an/a36,656n/an/a
Level 7-20n/an/a51,713n/an/a
Level 7-30n/an/a52,501n/an/a
Level 7-40n/an/a86,948n/an/a
Level 7-50n/an/a74,191n/an/a
Level 7-60n/an/a33,907n/an/a
Level 7-70n/an/a105,916n/an/a
Level 7-80n/an/a117,956n/an/a
Level 7-90n/an/a72,195n/an/a
Level 7-100n/an/a75,517n/an/a
Level 7-110n/an/a81,167n/an/a
Level 7-120n/an/a112,842n/an/a
Level 7-130n/an/a96,832n/an/a
Level 7-140n/an/a72,929n/an/a
Level 7-150n/an/a167,943n/an/a
Level 7-160n/an/a98,516n/an/a
Level 7-170n/an/a66,179n/an/a
Level 7-180n/an/a174,671n/an/a
Level 7-190n/an/a83,281n/an/a
Level 7-200n/an/a134,443n/an/a
Level 7-210n/an/a137,178n/an/a
Level 7-220n/an/a90,457n/an/a
Level 7-230n/an/a128,949n/an/a
Level 7-240n/an/a79,994n/an/a
Level 7-250n/an/a127,389n/an/a
Level 7-260n/an/a155,051n/an/a
Level 7-270n/an/a77,944n/an/a
Level 7-280n/an/a169,846n/an/a
Level 7-290n/an/a118,126n/an/a
Level 7-300n/an/a41,206n/an/a
S-17 Bonus0n/an/a64,518n/an/a
S-18 Bonus0n/an/a78,093n/an/a
S-19 Bonus0n/an/a66,224n/an/a