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Level Your Score Rank Diff High Avg +/- Avg
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  • Score Addict @ 2,660,000: Congratulations! You're over by 313,510!
Level 2-154,5607 Top Score!48,082+6,478n/a
Level 2-261,18018-42052,312+8,868n/a
Level 2-388,48077-4,43073,747+14,733n/a
Level 2-442,510169-3,65037,350+5,160n/a
Level 2-571,93074-70,80054,129+17,801n/a
Level 2-651,0104-75043,696+7,314n/a
Level 2-797,19049-5,01088,370+8,820n/a
Level 2-879,72018-4,34073,242+6,478n/a
Level 2-975,24032-3,20068,685+6,555n/a
Level 2-1083,6304-1,11074,478+9,152n/a
Level 2-11104,72052-5,58598,152+6,568n/a
Level 2-1292,4908-81087,268+5,222n/a
Level 2-1375,25033-8,72067,075+8,175n/a
Level 2-1486,07072-6,49079,159+6,911n/a
Level 2-1578,56069-4,43070,884+7,676n/a
Level 2-1684,30018-5,04069,832+14,468n/a
Level 2-17108,82058-11,050103,937+4,883n/a
Level 2-18135,330207-11,110131,268+4,062n/a
Level 2-1964,27044-2,72060,622+3,648n/a
Level 2-2063,61040-1,99060,073+3,537n/a
Level 2-2189,48019-3,87076,420+13,060n/a
Level 2-22119,010124-8,080114,188+4,822n/a
Level 2-23115,44053-7,470106,795+8,645n/a
Level 2-2496,12064-7,61087,507+8,613n/a
Level 2-2573,50026-2,93066,786+6,714n/a
Level 2-26114,72017-4,50098,791+15,929n/a
Level 2-2769,19016-57064,076+5,114n/a
Level 2-28105,05018-3,11083,958+21,092n/a
Level 2-29100,02032-3,92091,343+8,677n/a
Level 2-30108,19092-8,94096,008+12,182n/a
S-4 Bonus180,91010-1,340164,734+16,176n/a
S-5 Bonus98,66084-11,26092,743+5,917n/a
S-6 Bonus104,3504-1,95088,826+15,524n/a