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Level 8-210n/an/a76,649n/an/a
Level 8-220n/an/a104,857n/an/a
Level 8-230n/an/a100,707n/an/a
Level 8-240n/an/a86,435n/an/a
Level 8-250n/an/a105,413n/an/a
Level 8-260n/an/a104,146n/an/a
Level 8-270n/an/a118,266n/an/a
Level 8-280n/an/a103,713n/an/a
Level 8-290n/an/a99,607n/an/a
Level 8-300n/an/a84,033n/an/a
Level 8-310n/an/a108,458n/an/a
Level 8-320n/an/a86,264n/an/a
Level 8-330n/an/a118,159n/an/a
Level 8-340n/an/a154,837n/an/a
Level 8-350n/an/a108,188n/an/a
Level 8-360n/an/a80,769n/an/a
Level 8-370n/an/a147,538n/an/a
Level 8-380n/an/a179,054n/an/a
Level 8-390n/an/a100,647n/an/a
Level 8-400n/an/a117,413n/an/a
S-22 Bonus0n/an/a93,443n/an/a
S-23 Bonus0n/an/a142,863n/an/a