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Level Your Score Rank Diff High Avg +/- Avg
  • Total Score of 2,711,070: Ranked 8 out of 339 w/ 22 scores entered
Level 8-2185,11017-3,05076,614+8,496n/a
Level 8-22118,96013-6,480104,773+14,187n/a
Level 8-23111,12010-2,560100,669+10,451n/a
Level 8-2494,55042-11,41086,340+8,210n/a
Level 8-25112,06068-7,120105,344+6,716n/a
Level 8-26122,39014-6,180104,027+18,363n/a
Level 8-27126,13080-5,310118,113+8,017n/a
Level 8-28110,98038-6,140103,646+7,334n/a
Level 8-29109,3403-1,04099,617+9,723n/a
Level 8-3091,43026-2,51083,988+7,442n/a
Level 8-31119,84011-5,500108,455+11,385n/a
Level 8-32101,6904-3,09086,239+15,451n/a
Level 8-33137,6601 Top Score!118,130+19,530n/a
Level 8-34171,50016-8,770154,757+16,743n/a
Level 8-35122,76013-2,970108,098+14,662n/a
Level 8-3688,86019-2,42080,711+8,149n/a
Level 8-37160,07030-7,610147,428+12,642n/a
Level 8-38208,60015-9,240178,920+29,680n/a
Level 8-39130,3801 Top Score!100,646+29,734n/a
Level 8-40136,59027-10,150117,368+19,222n/a
S-22 Bonus90,930160-30,11093,475-2,545n/a
S-23 Bonus160,12022-5,930142,853+17,267n/a