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Level Your Score Rank Diff High Avg +/- Avg
  • Total Score of 2,637,270: Ranked 25 out of 338 w/ 22 scores entered
Level 8-2182,71056-5,45076,633+6,077n/a
Level 8-22111,36091-14,080104,817+6,543n/a
Level 8-23106,57045-7,110100,693+5,877n/a
Level 8-2496,80018-9,16086,392+10,408n/a
Level 8-25114,00048-5,180105,371+8,629n/a
Level 8-26122,93010-5,640104,081+18,849n/a
Level 8-27128,70021-2,740118,172+10,528n/a
Level 8-28110,90043-6,220103,673+7,227n/a
Level 8-29101,69047-8,69099,598+2,092n/a
Level 8-3090,12060-3,82084,020+6,100n/a
Level 8-31116,71032-8,630108,449+8,261n/a
Level 8-3296,01026-8,77086,239+9,771n/a
Level 8-33126,63042-11,030118,151+8,479n/a
Level 8-34167,11036-13,160154,800+12,310n/a
Level 8-35117,57069-8,160108,151+9,419n/a
Level 8-3687,35039-3,93080,729+6,621n/a
Level 8-37155,51095-12,170147,479+8,031n/a
Level 8-38205,91021-11,930178,960+26,950n/a
Level 8-39111,40066-18,980100,623+10,777n/a
Level 8-40133,08038-13,660117,356+15,724n/a
S-22 Bonus100,80074-20,24093,445+7,355n/a
S-23 Bonus153,41063-14,540142,752+10,658n/a